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Monday, July 8, 2013

Kamma Kamp - Day 2

Kamma Camp Day 2 Dawned a little bit cloudy.   It was Sunday, so Kamma fed the Kampers a quick breakfast of cereal bars and milk.

The "Wee Little Kamper didn't drink her milk - - - so about the time Kamma got her into her dress, moments before departure, she began to complain of a sugar induced tummy ache and begged to stay home.
"Sorry, Wee Little Kamper," said Kamma, "but I HAVE to go to church I'm the worship leader today and Papoo is still snoring after having been at work until 1:30 am so you HAVE to go."
Wee Little Kamper doubled over, looked pitiful, and gave Kamma big sad puppy eyes, but off we went to church anyway.
While Kamma was leading worship, friend Connie took Wee Little Kamper into the "cry room" and rocked her.  Wee Little Kamper LOVED that, but when Kamma returned for her she still wanted to go home, so home we went.  
BEFORE the sermon or children's church.
When we walked in the door, Wee Little Kamper had experienced a MIRACULOUS recovery - - - but mean old Kamma MADE her go back to bed until lunch anyway.
After a lovey and stuffing lunch at Hong Kong Buffet,  Kamma took the kampers to Lake Wazeecha for a little R and R.

The beach was a BIG hit.

After swimming and spashing to their heart's content, Wee Little Kamper and Big Sissy Kamper spent hours and hours finding precious gems and diamonds of every kind, which they are planning to take back home to Indiana.

You're welcome, Kamper Momma back home!!!

Little Man Kamper enjoyed making sand soup between his splashing and swimming bouts.

First he carefully selected the choicest of sands - - - 

Then he carefully dug it up, put it into his bucket - - -
Stirred it with just the right amount of lake water and - - -

Stood back to admire his handy work.

Kamma was spared tasting it.

We could see across the lake that SOMEBODY was enjoying a "seaside" picnic which inspired us to - - -

Pick up our own supper, retire to the riverside and - - -

Enjoy an al fresco riparian repast of our own.

Again we offered tasty tid bits to the ducks, but they stuck their bills in the air and swam us off once again.

After the picnic, we had bath time, story time, and bed time.

Day two of Kamma Camp was a huge success.

Now, who's got an energy transfusion for Kamma?????


Rebecca said...

Oohhh sounds like fun and .....since you're in education. I gotta story for you.

Keri said...

Hahaha classic Peanut!!!!! Did the other two behave in the pew then???

LV said...

You wore me out keeping up with all that activity. Regardless, enjoy them while little. Seems overnight they are gone.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Enjoying all the pictures from Kamma Kamp. Glad that Wee Little Kamper had that speedy recovery :) Looks like they are having a ball!