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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kamma Kamp Day 4 - Wherein "Flexibility" was the Word of the Day

When day 4 of Kamma Camp dawned, this wee little kamper came and sat at Kamma's feet before Kamma had even had her first cup of coffee and so was not moving yet.  Wee Kamper flumped back against the couch, let out a huge sigh, and declared:  "I'm so bored!"

I'm not proud to say that Kamma went totally off on her!!!   She reminded the Wee Kamper of all the things we've done at Kamma Kamp so far and told her it was OK if we had a slow "down" morning for once and FURTHERMORE only unimaginative wee kampers get bored.


Well  - - - by the time Kamma had fed all the wee kampers and the assistant director their breakfasts a downpour had set upon us so - - - - 

We were forced to go to Kamma Kamp Day 4 plan B - as seen above.   Notice the assistant director, aka Indiana Jones, started out pulling his fair share of kamper supervision but

I am sad to say that although he was well meaning, his supervision skills could use some honing.

As soon as the kamp director had showered and otherwise pulled herself together we headed out on the second part of Day 4 plan B.

We loaded the kampers into the bright shiny red Badgermobile and headed to the Dollar Store which the kampers affectionately call "The Toy Factory" because each kamper receives $1 to spend willy nilly as they please - - - and they always please to spend it on toys.
Indiana Jones was very proud of his "keep the kampers in line" tactics.

I may have to see about getting a NEW assistant director before another kamping season rolls around.

After much debate and changing of minds, the kampers finalized their purchases.

We moved on to the third part of Day 4 plan B - - - lunch at the indoor McD playground.  The kampers were quite elated to see their craft lady from the evening before taking orders at the counter.

This time McD's gave the wee kampers free wee ice cream cones - - - the tiniest ice cream cones we'd ever seen.

Fortunately by THAT time it was no longer raining, though the sky was still ominous with clouds, so the wee kampers could eat their cones in the parking lot instead of dripping all over the bright shiny red Badgermobile.

Once the cones were consumed, the kampers returned to kamp where the mean old director sent them all to their beds for a forced rest. Don't feel TOO sorry for them I happen to know for sure and for certain that no sleeping was done.
Once the forced rest period was complete, the sun had shown its face so we proceeded to cram all of Day 4 plan A into the afternoon.

Stop one was the free local zoo.

I am always impressed with our free zoo.  It seems to me it has an abundance of interesting animals for such a small place.

I think the wee kampers enjoy the petting zoo the most - - - especially the turtles which they are allowed to hold.

Indiana Jones enjoyed it too - - - especially when he ran into one of his long lost cousins.

Besides petting animals, the zoo has lemurs, zeedonks, llamas, peacocks, and other exotic species.
A local gardening club landscapes the entire park with gorgeous flower beds.

The wee kampers always enjoy this bridge, koi pond, and water spout at the center of the zoo.
After the zoo we headed out once more to the lake.

So did a downpour.

There was no thunder or lightning, so the wee kampers decided to swim in the rain.

The kamp director hied herself into the shelter to wait out the deluge with a passel of local teens but Indiana Jones showed his metal and gritted out the storm with kamper supervision duties.

After the deluge there was a brief intermission of partially sunny skies.   But when dark ominous clouds began to roll in for the second time, even the daring Indiana Jones was ready to call it a wrap - - - so we hustled the wee kampers into the shiny red Badgermobile and headed back to kamp and the showers.

Bright and early tomorrow morning the shiny red Badgermobile will be loaded with kampers and their luggage and the director shall drive them back to Chicago to meet their parental units.

I believe a happy and successful Kamma Kamp was enjoyed by all - - - at least I heard Little Miss Wee Kamper wailing tonight:  "But I LOVE Wisconsin, I don't want to go home."


Tami said...

Little Miss WK must have melted your heart when she said she didn't want to go home. You and FB made the grankids have the best vacation!!
Indian Jones is a keeper too!

Charlotte said...

So glad you had a great time with the grandkids. They will remember the good times always.

Erin said...

Looks like you all are having a great time! Do you have a day or two scheduled to just nap once kamp is over? :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Kamma Kamp looks to have been a big success and I'm glad Indiana Jones was there to 'help'!!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Indiana Jones' cowboy hat with the shorts/t-shirt/flip-flops ensemble is cracking me up!

LV said...

Sorry mother nature felt like you needed a rest from all the activity. I am tired just reading about all you did. It will definitely be a let down when you get back home. Fisherman makes a nice Indiana Jones guy. Rest now.

Robyn said...

Well it certainly looks like it was a success and fun was really had by all.. What a blessing to be able to spend time with your grandchildren.. LOL love some of the captions you have for your husband. The pig one was just a LOL...

Vidya Sury said...

Whew! That's a hectic day 4 of Kamma Kamp! The kampers are lucky to have their director :D

Unknown said...

Wow! You are an energetic and busy Kamp kounselor!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Miss Keetha,
I just read 4 or 5 posts and now I am all caught up on Kamma Kamp.
And I must say you do a great job as director but your assistant could use some work! case Greg reads your blog.
The kiddies are growing so much, what cuties they all are.
I am jealous you have that indoor McD'.s playground. Oh how many winter days do I wish I had something like that for little Addi.
Great Adventures at Kamma Kamp.

Ann in the UP said...

I give up. What's a zeedonk?