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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Living in a Snow Globe World


We are living in a snow globe world over here in Central Wisconsin.

This snow is light, fluffy, and sparkly - just like that in a snow globe.

If I could, I would ship some of it to each and every one of you because EVERYONE should have the joy of experiencing a snow globe world for themselves.

But, since it won't ship and arrive in the same state of matter (double entendre intended), I'll do the next best thing and share some PICTURES of our snow globe world with you.
I took these pictures yesterday in my pj's.

Don't worry - - - I HID the pj's under a ski jacket and snow pants.

The OTHER issue I had to overcome to get some of these pictures was the snow was so deep it went RIGHT OVER THE TOPS of my boots.

But it was NOT so much of a hardship that I couldn't overcome it for YOU my dear bloggy readers.

Besides - - - there isn't much I like BETTER than getting out in a gorgeous snow globe world.

Well, maybe watching football - - - but I digress.

There's a pond someplace under that snow.

The Wisconsin River only freezes in the "quiet backwater" places - - -

The main channel runs free all winter long, no matter how cold it gets.  If it gets so cold that the river freezes over, it is COLD.

COLD means colder than 20 (F) below.
There weren't any kids on the playground, not even any "echos" of my grans from last summer.

This bench was very lonely and there weren't any picnickers either.

This is a "scale" image so you can tell about how tall my little decorative snowman sled is because - - -
Now I'm using it as a "gauge" to show how high the pile of snow is after shoveling the sidewalk.
If you are a regular here, you may remember THESE snow gauges (patio chair and free standing fire pit) that Fisherhubby LEFT OUT on purpose accidentally.

When our snow storm was "over" Friday, or so I thought, this is how deep the snow was.
But by midday Saturday, we had even more.

I can't tell you HOW MUCH we love this snow.  I wish you were all here to enjoy it with us and then come inside for a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

And now, before I go here is a little snow related story to give you a chuckle (I hope) to brighten your day.

Saturday morning Fisherhubby said he was going out to run errands.

I asked if he didn't think he should blow the snow (about 8 inches worth at that point) out of the driveway before he ran around.

"Nope, I'll do it when I get back,"  he said.

"Don't you think you should do it before you go in case someone tries to come over?"  I queried?

"NOBODY ever comes over, it won't matter,"  says he.

"The FedEx man came yesterday and he might come again today since TOMORROW is my birthday,"  I argued.


Oh my dear bloggy friends, he was barely out of sight when what to my wondering eyes should appear but THE FEDEX MAN bringing ME this birthday box!!!!


I had really only been KIDDING about the FedEx man coming but he made a LIAR out of Fisherhubby anyway!!!

And I didn't even have to TRY to "get" him.

Hahahahahahaha - - - BEST birthday present EVER 'cause he "gets" ME all the time on PURPOSE!
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retired not tired said...

Happy birthday! And I love your story. You may not always be right but your never wrong!

Wayne W Smith said...

After spending time in Canada again, I am still of the opinion that I like pictures of snow better than the actual stuff.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love your snow photos but I doubt that I could stand the frigid temps!

Pam said...

And who loves you so much that they sent birthday DeBrand your way? Enjoy your day and your chocolate!

Tami said...

You got WAY more snow that I did. I hurt my back trying to shovel a measly three inches. It makes sense to invest in a snowblower, huh?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND! Enjoy your lovely day!

Anke said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you... :-)
Your snow photos look beautiful, but I'm still glad it's not like that here. Everything, and I mean everything would shut down if we had snow like that. ;-)

Tara R. said...

Happy Birthday!

I'll stick with my white sand, no snow necessary. It's pretty to see in photos, but I don't do cold well.

Theresa said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you dear Keetha! I love seeing ALL of that pretty snow! I hope you REALLY enjoy this day, BIG HUGS from chilly Georgia:)

Actingbalanced said...

Happy Birthday! We had a few inches of snow while home in Toronto... enough for the kids to experience and then we escaped back to the south...

Erin said...

Happy birthday! Your snow is beautiful! I especially like the top photo. It should be on a calendar. It would be quite an adventure to be a FedEx person in all that snow!

42N said...

Happy birthday! A winter child too. No wonder you like the snowy season. Looks like you had much more snow than we did - some 8 inches around here. But the snow pattern on the trees is the same. West snow first, then bitter cold froze the wind whipped snow to the trees and anything else in its path.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your box from DeBrand! Thank you for sharing your snow pictures, I love them.....

Vidya Sury said...

Oh lovely Keetha! Happy birthday hugs to you! What was in the box? :D

The snow looks magical. I will just pretend I am right there with you, touching it and watching it melt in the warmth of my hands. I hope.

Lovely lovely photos! The playground looks so sad.

I love your snowman sled!

mzzbev said...

I'm watching the full rerun of the Michigan St. vs. TCU game as I sit in my sunny sunroom :( I wish we had at least 6" of your snow but NOOOOO, we had a dusting yesterday morning and that was the beginning and end of "the big one of 2012". Your pictures are beautiful! So you never said what you got in that package!? Way to tease!

mzzbev said...

BTW, Happy Birthday!! :)

Unknown said...

Happy, happy birthday. That's quite a bit of snow. I feel bad for the chair and fire pit. They are just about covered, aren't they. Snow? I like to see it about every 10 years or so. said...

You got me dreaming of a white Christmas.

Happy birthday and New Year's, dear Keetha!

Tracy said...

That's the best snow measured I've seen.

nancygrayce said...

I got cold reading this! It's beautiful and I'm so glad you love it, but I think I'll visit in the spring!

You're a New Year's Eve baby! I'll tell your hbd tomorrow!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT! The little snow story and all the fantastic photos of the snow globe world. As much as I don't miss the COLD wind I do miss the beauty of a snow covered landscape. Hope you are enjoying your Birthday.

Keri said...


So what did Dad say when he discovered he was wrong???

Unknown said...

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! Thanks for sharing the Beauty of your world with us!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy belated birthday!

And thanks for sharing the pictures of the snow. We got a half inch, but I'm sure that you'd agree that a half inch is just not even close to being enough, right? I suppose that it's better than nothing, but still .... it's almost like it's just a tease. We're going to get about an inch tonight ... that's better but still not nearly enough. ;-)

Trish said...

This Michigander is enjoying the snow this year! Last year was a bummer...
Happy Birthday Miss Keetha...isn't it awesome to get one over on the Fisherhubby!?

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

The snow pictures are just beautiful!
I got to go on a sleigh ride in the snow yesterday..glorious!
Happy New Year!!

Claudya Martinez said...

Fisherhubby should have to eat snow for being wrong about FedEx.