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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Seriously, What Is This Stuff???


I heard distant rumbling.

The sky darkened.

Suddenly I heard "things" hitting the house, driveway, and patio.

What IS this stuff???

Stuff that appears to make the patio get wet????

What IS IT????

It's kinda hard to see through it for any distance.

What IS IT???

It splashes!!!

What IS IT???

I THINK it's making puddles in the street!!!

What can it be????

Fishserhubby was so perplexed he went right out to sit in it and see if he could determine what it was.

It only lasted about 10 minutes, then the sky got sunny once more.

Nary a dark cloud on the horizon.

But for ten whole minutes we got to experience something we haven't seen the likes of around here since early May.

Perhaps we only imagined it.

NOTICE: While all our grass appears to be dead, there are weeds that are THRIVING in desert conditions.



Theresa said...

Thankful that you got a little rain! Hope you get more:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Erin said...

Mmmmm...I can almost smell it!

Charlotte said...

We have had a thunderstorm almost every afternoon for the last week. Not enough, though. We need more.

LV said...

I can relate to this story. We have not had rain in my area of town in months as well. Nothing is forecast in the near future either.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad it came for a visit but I hope it comes over again soon!

Rebecca said...

We have weeds that are thriving in desert conditions too. And a tree that is just barely hanging on and it's being watered for about 5 minutes every other day.

42N said...

Hey, your lawn color looks like mine. Yes last evenings rain (here) contributed 1/2 inch of water. We are only 8-1/2 inches down for the year. This has tremendous implications on the grain crops and livestock. The cold front also dropped us from 103F to the mid 80s today. Think more rain!

Unknown said...

What a pleasant surprise. Hope you get more soon. Our lawn is all green but then it is also all weeds. :D

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

we are getting a little of that strange "wet stuff" right now - finally - my grass is brown, herbs are wilting and neighbors are cranky in this dry heat!

Ann in the UP said...

I'm so thankful we've gotten some rain, and I'm praying for more---not just for us, because a great many of us are needing it!

The implications for this year's harvest are appalling!

Keri said...

We've been blessed and received quite a bit of rain last week. Almost a whole entire day of it! Our grass is green once more and I can hear mowers in the distance as I type this. :)

Vidya Sury said...

Ah, I see the rain reached you safely! I was just wondering......:D