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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday in my Vacation Village


AKA: "Wherein Fisherhubby Becomes a Rap Star Back-Up"

We're on vacation and attended our favorite vacation church this morning.

No - - - the CHURCH isn't on vacation, we are. And when on vacation this is where we like to go.

Apparently we've attended a few too many times over the years 'cause the pastor drafted Fisherhubby to help with a rap during the sermon.

Might also help that the pastor in the plaid shirt is my uncle - - - but who's telling.

Obviously, the pastor in the middle is the REAL rap star and the OTHER two are the back-ups.

While "the little pastor in the woods" as he calls himself, waxed eloquent with words and rhythm - - - (can you wax eloquent in rap-ease?)

Fisherhubby and Uncle Ben boom chicka boomed a beat box with the BEST of them.

Yes, Fisherhubby DOES know what beat box is, though I'm rather doubtful of Uncle Ben's knowledge in that arena. (or should I say coliseum?)

"You can't go to church as some people say
The common terminology we use everyday
You can go to a building, that's something you can do
But you can't go to church 'cause the church is YOU
'Cause the church is YOU

Boom chicka boom
Chicka chicka boom boom!

You can't go to church as some people say
The common terminology we use everyday
You can go to a chapel,
You can sit on a pew
But you can't go to church 'cause the church is YOU!
'Cause the church is YOU!!
'Cause the church is YOU!!"

Boom chicka boom
Chicka chicka boom boom!!

(Can't Go to Church lyrics by Keith Lancaster)

Joining Unknown Mami
For Sundays in my City.

My city today is Hayward, Wisconsin



StarTraci said...

Love it! Go fisherhubby!!!

Happy Sunday.


Rebecca said...

I love that you can go into a building and can't go into a church because the church is you.......or however it went. I like that!

Rocio Esmeralda said...

hahahaha too funny!!! :P

retired not tired said...

Wonderful! You have made my day!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Would never happen in Finland - here church is not for joy...

Pam said...

How cool is that! Bet Greg had fun; too bad Joe wasn't there to be the backup dancer! Didn't recognize Uncle Ben until he took his hat off.

Tami said...

Love IT! I don't know why more church's make their sermons more entertaining. I bet they'd get a lot of folks out of bed and in the pews!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Wow! Looks like a very energetic and memorable sermon. Hope you have a great time on vacation.

Claudya Martinez said...

I had no idea Fisherhubby had such mad skillz. You must be very proud.