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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's A Rainy Day at The Cabin


Perfect vacation weather if what you want to do is stay cozy in your PJs with a good book and a jig saw puzzle, which suits me down to a "T".

Even the great fisherman came in, but not because of the rain. No, rain does not chase him in, as you can see he is well equipped for rain. It was the thunder that sent him in because thunder means lightning and lightning, lakes, boats, and fishermen don't play well together.

Sorry about the quality of this shot, but it was the only one I mamaged to capture before the great strip tease act ensued. Blame the poor quality on camera operator failure.

Now that the great fisherman has returned, perhaps it is a good time to relate yet another of his mean tricks that he pulls on me just for the unbridled glee he receives from it. The man even declares that he is fulfilling his God given calling when he picks on me for he was formed in the womb for that very purpose.

But I digress.

He has hidden one of my puzzle pieces. AND FURTHERMORE, did he hide a boring sky piece which I would need last? Of course not! He took a majorly important piece so that I have a glaring hole driving me crazy.

I sent him a text and an email while he was out on the lake demanding to know where my puzzle piece was. He didn't deign to answer me.

When he came in the door all soggy in his blue rain suit I accosted him demanding my puzzle piece. He said he didn't know what I was talking about.

He lied.

I've been victim of this vacation prank of his too many times to fall for his lies.

And what should I expect from a man who picked out this naked girl lamp as a piece of fine art and tried to get me to bring it home to put in my football cave?

I'd better go finish the sky on my puzzle, 'cause I've been married to that mean old man long enough to know I'm not getting my VIPP (very important puzzle piece) back until it is the last piece missing.



Erin said...

FH cracks me up! That is a really good - I mean terrible! - idea. The naked girl lamp kind of makes my arms tired. Poor thing never gets to rest!

Pam said...

Just hope that FH didn't send the piece home with Bill! What's the name of the book that is sprawled on the couch beside you? Have you found any new fav authors since joining the library staff?

Tracy said...

That is just plain mean.

podso said...

I am jealous of your rainy day. Sounds wonderful. And the shop --- you are right, sooo cute. Love that multicolored chair. I could take that right home with me.

Carol said...

That is a good book!

LL Cool Joe said...

The odd rainy day might be nice, but the appeal wears thin when it's every day for months!!

42N said...

Rain? What's that like? Send it here!

Football begins next week with the Big Ten meetings. Play is just around the corner.

Keri said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Please tell me you bought that lamp.