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Friday, July 13, 2012

Puzzle Progress and Amended Tallies


Puzzle trois is well and truly on the go.

When I start puzzling I have trouble stopping - always looking for just ONE more piece which of course leads to another.

So tonight I was sitting up puzzling long after Fisherhubby had begun sawing logs when suddenly I had my OWN wildlife sighting adventure.

This time Mickey wasn't involved though he/she is still lapping our cabin at will successfully avoiding three peanut butter baited traps!!!

I was busily engrossed in searching for yet another elusive puzzle piece when my peripheral vision spotted motion on the deck.

I don't want to say that Mickey has made me paranoid or anything, but Mickey has made me paranoid!!

So - I felt the hair on the nape of my neck stand straight up and I strained my eyes through the darkness to see what was prowling around out there.

I knew it was too small to be a black bear or sasquach and it didn't move quite like a cat.

A Martian fresh out of his UFO was a definite possibility.

Suddenly it walked right up to the patio door, froze, and gave me the evil eye. It was a real live wild red fox!!!

I kid you not.

So - I am forced to update and amend our vacation tallies.

Fish Caught by Fisherhubby - 138

Mouse in Cabin Sightings - 5

UFO Landings - 0

Sasquach Visitations - 0

Red Fox Peering in Patio Door - 1



Stacy said...

Well, that is much better than Sasquach or a bear looking in. I like those random encounters with nature. :)

nancygrayce said...

Good grief! I think you are in dangerous country!!!

Pam said...

Too cool! Should've invited Evil Eye in to hunt down Mickey.

podso said...

Wow! But I must boast, Here in our "urbanity" we have deer regularly, there was a fox by my mom's door, AND, we have a coyote who visits occasionally. None the less, you are having the wildlife adventure, especially indoors. What impresses me most though is the number of fish your hubby had caught. How many of those have you eaten?

LV said...

No matter where you are, you put keep the excitement going. Nothing dull about the vacations you and fisherman take.