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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Don't Call Him Fisherhubby for Nuttin', Honey!

First of all, if you happen to be a parent of Mackinley and Piper and came here looking for new pictures of them playing in 'Consin - - - you will be sadly disappointed.

I worked at the library yesterday and though Papoo took the kids to a lovely pond with a tall sand hill they could climb and slide down, he took nary a photo with his fancy schmancy i-phone.

What's the use of fancy schmancy if you don't use it, that's what I say.

So, I'm resorting to a post full of pictures I took on an earlier outing with the grans, though the grans aren't in these except for one shot of the very top of Mack's head.

I don't call him Fisherhubby for nuttin', honey!!! This is his FAVORITE pose - - -

Unless you count this one.

He truly believes that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work anytime.

This isn't an example of "serious fishing." Nope, this is just casting along the shore for a few minutes while entertaining Kamma and the Kids out on Lake Nepco one evening last week.

Serious fishing involves hours and hours and toil and man-sweat in all kinds of weather.

Notice that gorgeous place on the bank - - - I'll show more of it momentarily, but first - - -

Meet Mr. or Ms Loon. Loons are one bird of which both sexes look identical. They are our favorites.

We see them farther north all the time, but I didn't realize there was at least one (though usually they travel in pairs so probably we just didn't see the other) on Lake Nepco.

You just really need to HEAR them. I didn't think to try to capture a video, so thank you Youtube!

There is nothing quite like hearing lonely loon calls over a darkened body of water.

Now back to this gorgeous spread on the shore.

It has its own bridge and boathouse and everything.

I admire whomever is able to do all this landscaping and flower growing 'cause goodness knows that person is NOT I.

Or have you already forgotten about my botanical homicide tendencies?

We saw this on the point between the boathouse and main house of the above property.

We didn't trespass.

I just took this photo and waved to the surveillance camera from the boat. I kinda hoped someone would come out and wave back - - -

But they didn't.

The END.



Stacy said...

What is it with husbands and taking pictures? Mine never thinks of it, either, unless I tell him to and then I have to admit...he takes horrible pictures. LOL

The lake is lovely. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Ann in the UP said...

Nice legs.

Good Guy takes much better pictures than I ever do, but it's usually an afterthought with him.

I like your new header. How are your lilies doing? My flower bed is filled with reseeded poppies. And we are eating radishes from the garden.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Fun pictures. Looks like a good time out on the lake. That house is really pretty. I do love seeing a Loon, haven't seen one in a long time. That video was awesome, I really enjoyed hearing them.

Anonymous said...

Loved these. My dad was a "serious" fisherman. He could spend hours and hours fishing. He too said a bad day fishing was better than a good day at work and I think I agree with him.

Don't you wonder what people who own places like that do for a living? Holy cow!

42N said...

You're killing me with all those fishing and loon photos! Just like Northern Minnesota and Michigan, Wisconsin is a jewel for fishing. Hope to make it back to one of those three states to fish one day.

Anita Johnson said...

Nice ending! Finally catching up on some blog reading...looks like you have had some special visitors...such beautiful kids! Happy 4th to you too!