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Thursday, June 7, 2012

'Cause When you ARE Vintage, You COLLECT Vintage


It's been quite a while since I played along over at Suzanne's Vintage Thingie Thursday party, so today I thought I'd join in again.

Goodness knows I've been spending time and $$$$$$$$$ collecting more goodies.

I am a sucker for fine china miniature tea things. So when I saw this dainty little cup and saucer (top) I knew it was coming home with me.

Maybe a doll could sip her tea from this cup - - - it not being much bigger around than a penny and all.

It moved in next door to my OTHER "tiny tea" right in the middle of the African Savannah where Sister Pam will worry that the elephants, rhino, and giraffe will CHARGE (and not with their cards either) and crush the daylights out of it.

Not to fear - - - we tip-toe around the Savannah Savages so as not to excite them into a stampede.

I told the story of finding this set of sewing machine cabinet drawers previously, but I know most of you other Vintage Thingies players probably didn't see that post, so I thought I'd show them to you again today.

'Cause I HEART them.

Now how cute are these little metal miniature chair place card holders?

I'm not letting them serve their purpose 'cause I don't want to hide them away! Instead, they are right out on the dresser here by my computer where I can leer at them with love every single day.

The pen is just for size comparison.

Yes, there's a GREAT story to go with the tiny cream colored bowl and pitcher, but I TOLD it over here already.

Don't tell Fisherhubby, but I believe I'm having an affair!!! A REAL love affair with creamy bowls and pitchers.

This is a "mini" one I just brought home to put on top of - - -

Fisherhubby's "new" old roll top desk. Oh and yes, there IS a story to go with the desk too and you may find it here.

Notice "X" marks the spot.

The spot where Fisherhubby drops his drawers, and other clothing items, because that's just the way he rolls, folks. (rolls - - - roll top desk - - - we're on a roll!)

Perhaps I should note here that the guardian angel picture (in this very frame and everything) under the desk hung above our bed, sister Pam and I shared a double bed, all our growing up years. It's a keeper for sure!

I'm not sure how old this is. I'm not even CERTAIN it qualifies as an antique.

But it IS vintage 'cause I got it at a consignment shop, so it belonged to somebody else first.

My friend Eloise (pronounced E-Lois) has little wooden houses above her dining room doorways and I've been coveting them for a long time.

Well, not coveting exactly - - - I "shorely" do NOT want to take hers away from her.

Anyway, I've been wanting some and keeping my eyes open for some, but haven't come across any yet.

What I did find is actually a metal tri-fold house and yard combo. The MINUTE I saw it, I KNEW exactly where I was going to put it in my home.

With that, I'm closing this vintage tour and asking you to please - - -

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shannon i olson said...

oh my goodness I heart those drawers too! You collect the small and I can't seem to buy anything normal size, I like the ginormous for some reason. I think all your finds are sweet, Ann said y'all were old shopping and thought of me when you saw an old washtub, gosh darn that makes me smile (and smell my armpits!) we are hoping to make a trip to WI end of the month, first trip of just the two of us since our honeymoon 25 yrs ago!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Keetha!
Love this post! My mom and I shared a love of miniatures and we went to many miniature and dollhouse shows. Your littles are darling - my mom had a miniature gold chair, I think it was brass, that was one of her most favorite treasures.

Happy VTT!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your collections are so beautiful. I am a sucker for tiny items!

LV said...

Never thought of you as a collector of tiny tea cups. I think they are so cute and do not require a lot of space.

podso said...

You could serve your grandchildren very weak tea with those teacups! In the middle of the safari

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my Flair post. You will have to watch an old episode of Bewitched to see it there!

Tami said...

Where in the world to you find places to put all your treasures?!

Ann in the UP said...

Tami should see Eloise's house!!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I love your sweet treasures! I haven't played along at VTT for awhile either. I should do that again soon.

Thoroughly Modern Me said...

I love tiny treasures! You have a nice collection and tell such beautiful stories about your finds. Glad to have found you.

Ordinary Hiker said...

I LOVE the Sewing cabinet Drawers, the color of the wood is amazing. And I absolutely dig the little miniature chair card holders, it's so great you have a whole set! i found one once at a rummage shop, but it was broken. Congrats on your find!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh what wonderful minis you have! I recently found two mini tea cups and saucers at an estate sale. Like you, I couldn't leave them behind. I love the drawers, no not hubbies, but the sewing ones. lol! I would love to find a few of those. Glad you linked up with Suzanne!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Those mini teacups are so cute! As well as your other liliputian goodies!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Keetha I've enjoyed your vintage tour! That little teacup is precious but I must admit to envious love for those drawers you found! hugs, Linda

Vidya Sury said...

I've always coveted drawers like those. I am crazy about miniature things too, and have quite a collection. Sadly, though, all I boxed up. You've inspired me to look for a nice showcase - i know where I'll place it - and display them. Sigh. I just feel like hanging around here and ogling at all your stuff. :-) Thanks for the beautiful tour, Keetha.