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Sunday, January 15, 2012



Saturday I went to a dance recital. The last section of the recital was a salute to our military. It was very well done, very touching, and I enjoyed it more than any other part of the recital.

It also reminded me of scenes from one of my all time favorite movies, the made for television Disney movie, "Newsies." I'm not quite sure why it reminded me so much of "Newsies," I can only conclude that it stirred my heart strings in a similar manner.

"Newsies" is based in 1899 New York City when thousands of street urchin, homeless, newspaper boys went on strike and thereby took on "the powers that be" in the form of Pulitzer and Hearst and brought those publishing giants to their knees. The strike isn't just made up by Disney, it actually happened.

I've learned over the years that even though the movie wasn't a big hit at the time, those who saw it are divided into two camps. One camp LOVED it and the other - - - well, not so much.

At our house, we are in the FIRST camp. We loved it so much we bought a copy so our children could watch it over and over again.

More's the pity those were VHS days 'cause I'd very much still like to have a copy. I have not seen it enough yet.

Arise and seize the day!

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Puzzle Queen said...

Cute blog title!

nancygrayce said...

I didn't think there was a Disney Movie I had missed (except for a lot of the animated ones)....but I've never heard of this one.

Unknown said...

So go buy one! It's available on Amazon! We loved that movie! And were just talking about it the other day as a matter of fact!

Keri said...

I fell in love with Jack Kelly then and I still have a sweet spot for Christian Bale all because of "Newsies". The Bakers are in the WE LOVE IT Camp.

Keri said...

P.S. Piper and I are watching it right now, thanks to your post! :)