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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid January Shuffle


Some folks begin decorating for Christmas in October. No one seems to think that's strange.

I don't decorate until mid December, but I like to leave it up until - - - - well, until now, today, THIS VERY MINUTE.

Christmas decorations still up in mid January. Everyone seems to think THAT is strange.

Hey - - - to each his own, that's what I say. I LIKE to enjoy my holiday decor through the entire season, which for me doesn't end until that very last College Football Bowl game.

But, eventually, that dreaded day finally comes. You know the one. That day where you have to take all the Christmas things down and pack them away.

This is how "phase one" of that process looks for me.

All the Christmas decor neatly stacked on or near my dining room table.

I'll confess here and now that when I lived in a larger house with a separate dining room, I have been known to leave this "pile" out until - - - oh - - - June.

Can't let that happen here, our dining room is small and serves as a "pass through" from living room to kitchen.

Oh but HOW I hate "phase two" - the packing away of all this stuff.

Hope I don't pack away my blue winter jacket while I'm at it.

OK - - - enough whining, time to get busy with packing boxes.



podso said...

This is the way I put ours away as well --tho this time I tried bringing the boxes downstairs and making it one less step. Jury is still out on that, if it was worth it. LOL at least the extra exercise of the boxes up and down the stairs. re. your Sunday post, Great goal and that sums it all up --the basis of living as we should. Great post and it's amazing all the changes in your life this past year!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I use to put my Christmas up a couple of weeks before Christmas and take it down in January sometime. Now with blogging parties so early I decorate early and take it down the first week of Jan. Still it all makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

We traditionally put ours out on Thanksgiving Day. The Hubster would get everything out and the kids would have a ball decorating. That kept them out of our tiny kitchen at the time so I had room to fix dinner. Now it's like pulling hair to get the tree up in time for Christmas. We still take it all down on New Year's Day (another get everyone out of the kitchen time). I'm with you though on putting it all away. Seems like a terrible chore, doesn't it?

LV said...

I do not have that problem this year. I just simply did not put things out. You can leave them out as long as you enjoy it. I have a sister that leaves some of hers out all year. Said she enjoys no matter what month it is.

Anonymous said...

My phase one has been laying all over the basement...phase two might happen sometime.

Erin said...

It's always a little sad for me to put Christmas away, knowing that I won't see it again for almost another year. But I do like when the house returns to normal.