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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barn Charm Tuesday - Down Fish Hollow Way


Not sure why it took me so long to find and join this linky party, being a long time lover of barns, especially the traditional red variety.

Come join me as we wend our way through southern Vernon County, Wisconsin on our way to the tiny town of Valley.

As we wind through the majestic hills on County P, and just before we come to the intersection of Fish Hollow Road, we round a corner and - - -

Are greeted by this still nearly perfect miniature red barn.

What you cannot see in this photo is the small stone spring house directly across the road from the barn. A spring house was constructed over a natural spring and used for refrigeration in bygone days before the advent of electricity.

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Tami said...

I am old fashioned by heart and love to see the days before modern convenience. That doesn't mean I'd trade in my shower, but I can appreciate the past.

Rebecca said...

Now you have me curious about the spring house. Can you get inside it, can you share photos of it?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Barn Charm!

That is certainly a beautiful barn, love the shape! Is it not sitting on the ground or is that an optical illusion?

You will show the spring house, won't you?

Can't wait to see more barns from Wisconsin... Thanks so much for joining this week's Barn Charm =)

Anonymous said...

PS Love the framed barn photos you have posted below! Beautiful!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Keetha, I'm happy you decided to join Tricia - I thought you would be a great addition to her many participants. This is a lovely pic.

nancygrayce said...

I'm not sure we have that many barns around our area. But I'll start keeping my eyes open! :)

Tanya Breese said...

oh i love this little red barn and now i want to see the spring house too!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a cute little red barn. I know you like the red ones.
Thanks for stopping by to see my barns
We'll probably be seeing a lot more of each others barns in the coming weeks.

Rose said...

This is about as perfect as it gets!

Elizabeth Edwards said...

i always wonder when barns are so close to the road ... does that mean that the road use to not be there? i wonder? great shot. (:

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sweet. I love seeing the posted barns on Barn Charm. I can't join in because I never see any barns around town!

Saun said...

Had to stop over and see just what is Down Fish Hollow way. Great pic
thanks for sharing

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Great picture. There are a few old barns in my aunts neighborhood that they turned into party spaces. I love not only when barns are used for their traditional purpose and a new one.

Anonymous said...

A very charming barn! It reminds me of a few barns that I've seen driving to the Lake of the Ozarks in MO. A few of them are very close to the road too. Beautiful capture!

Dawna said...

What a great shot!! Makes you just want to keep wandering around the corner of this country road! That barn sure is close to the roadway!

Elaine said...

What a delightful scene and such a perfect little beauty!

KathyB. said...

Picture perfect red barn! Is it up on blocks? When I see these old barns I wonder about the history. How many cows, horses, or other livestock lived in them ? Well Keetha, so many barns to see and photograph, so little time!You are going to be busy. ( Happily )

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog so that I may find yours!!!! We live 32 miles west of Fort Wayne... outside a little town, North it here! I grew up in Dallas/Fort this is a whole new world for me!
Now off to snoop around your blog!

42N said...

An ideally styled barn.

podso said...

What an interesting "meme" (is that the word?) to join. I love a red barn but here in the south they tend to be white or gray with peeling paint... The only farm I've ever spent time on, with our kids way back, was a Wisconsin dairy farm. We even learned about the curds and whey. Great photo!

don said...

A fine "barn charm" image of this great looking barn by the road. Interesting information about the spring house.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Isn't it just gorgeous that time of year, I can feel it Keetha!
I just read your note and had to chuckle!
I told Hubby to make sure he put a battery in there so you wouldn't have to mess with it!
Hugs friend,

Carole said...

One of those little barns that sits so precariously close to the road, which was no doubt at one time only dirt. Cute barn. Great shot.

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