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Monday, March 28, 2011

DQ Curl and Gator Girl


A few days ago when I posted a picture of hearty Frozen Tundra-ites lining up in the snow to get their DQ curly cones someone mentioned that they LOVED the DQ sign.

I hadn't thought about how cool it was until they said so.

So just for you, my bloggy fans, I went back in the dark and took a picture of the cool neonness of it all. Just for you. 'Cause that's the way we roll around here!

I wonder if the DQ owners KNOW how much signs like this go for on such shows as "American Picker"?

They may have their retirement nest egg balanced above their heads!

Gator Girl here also raised quite a ruckus on ye olde blog. MANY of you wondered if she was crazy and just WHY she was holding a 40 pound gator.

From time to time Sister Pam e-mails me photos that she thinks I might like to use on my blog, often with nary a word of explanation. This was one of those occasions.

I didn't KNOW why she was holding the gator, and I myself thought it might be an indication that she was losing it. I KNOW her hubby thought so - - - he had nightmares about the whole thing.

Because so many of you were worried and wondering about her, I ASKED her WHY she was holding that gator. Again - - - that's just the way we roll around here.

I don't think you'll like her answer, but here it is anyway:

She is holding it because she could.

Yep - - - you heard me right - - - she is holding it because she could.

Seems she and hubby were at a festival and "Mr Gator Man" was there allowing folks to hold his raised in captivity gator pet. She said, and I quote, "I couldn't pass up the opportunity."

Furthermore, she is AMAZED at all of you who are AMAZED at her. She doesn't find this behavior one bit crazy. She says CRAZY would be going down to the neighborhood pond and trying to cuddle a WILD gator.


I think maybe her little valedictorian summa cum laude head has been in the Florida sunshine a wee bit too long.



BETHANY said...

My 6yo boy gave an impressed "Whoa!" when he glanced at the screen and saw the gator picture. :)

42N said...

I'll take a DQ anytime over a gator.

TS Hendrik said...

That is a really cool sign. The Dairy Queens around here are adorned with boring generic signs.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that antique sign is the bomb!! very cool! The gator: I have pix of my kiddos doing that too in FL, but I was not brave...No thank you.

Iowa Sunshine said...

when the curly-Q isn't on the cone, it just isn't right!!!

Whosyergurl said...

I had an itty bitty blizzard yesterday and you know what I noticed? The cone with the ice-cream isn't on the top of the spoon any longer. Made me feel sad.

Kristin - The Goat said...

The gator's mouth was all taped up, so he's safe, right? I like your sister's reasoning.

I took a photo of the St. Augustine Dairy Queen sign a few months ago and I think it's the same style. It is very cool!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The sign is totally cool, they don't make them like that anymore!

Brenda said...

I admire people like that. I have only recently been able to handle a live fish I've caught--with a glove. Reptiles? No WAY!

xinex said...

I would never hold a gator that big cause I know they are untamable. She sure is brave...Christine

I can't find my blog said...

You and sister Pam are a hoot!

And now I'm craving DQ.

Theresa said...

Love DQ and so did my Mama:) She was diabetic but would sneak a lick off the kid's DQ icecream and called it "cleaning it up" for them! Sweet memories:)

Yep Ms. Pam has been in the Florida sunshine a bit too long:) Rescue her and cool her off!


Ann in the UP said...

Well, you know that Pam's OK in my book. But about DQ----I had a chocolate dipped chocolate cone with a curl on top yesterday-----and it wasn't a good idea for me! I couldn't keep up with the inside melting around the crust. My white t-shirt is sprayed with spot remover. Just a word of warning from the geriatric eaters club.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more with your last sentence.

AND, I love the Dairy Queen sign: both versions! Daytime, and nighttime. Because I remember those days!!!

Martin LaBar said...

Because she could? Good answer.

Every small town used to have a DQ and a Methodist church.

Mimi said...

I LOVE DAIRY QUEEN and I now must find one close by to see if it has the sign like this on top, cause I love it too!!!
Those ice creams of their's are sooo GOOD!!!!
Your sister held an alligator???I think I would at that place too!!
Good for her!!!
I would be scared, but I would do it!!
Hugs and stay warm
or is it spring yet???

Lady Jane said...

Our DQ just opened up also. Hmmmmm I will have to go check out their sign. My sons pool room is filled with old neon signs, he has been collecting them for years now. Just might fund his retirement. Sister Pam can keep the gator, lol...

Keetha said...

Love that picture! The town where I grew up had a Dairy Queen for years. Peanut Buster Parfait. That town also had a Dairy Bar, which had to change its name to The Varsity. It's still there and still makes a terrific vanilla cone. (And chicken nugget basket!)

Keetha said...

Now I'm hungry. :-)

Unknown said...

I could certainly relate to holding the gator cause I could but was unsure about the burping over my shoulder position she had it in! :) I love DQ too!

LV said...

What a neat difference night and day made in that DQ sign. There is no way I would ever be caught near one of these alligators let alone hold it.

Holly said...

Heh! I've held an alligator too, just because there was one there and the handler said I could AND ITS MOUTH WAS TAPED SHUT. That's the key. ;)

Jenny said...

I'm not holding it because I don't have to.

You can't make me.