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Sunday, March 27, 2011



It truly is the "stuff" that Cinderellas are made of.

When "the committee" announced the teams that would be "in" the 2011 Big Dance, and VCU was one of the last three in, most people said, "VC Who???" The pundits shouted "foul."

But come to the dance they did - - - in their sooty little uniforms with their larger than life attitude.

They entered as a lowly 11 seed but today they purchased their trip to the Final Four. The price of their ticket? A ten point beat down of number one seed Kansas.

Under the brilliant coaching of Shaka Smart (that's got to be an ICONIC coaching name from now on, no?) Little Cinderella romped through Georgetown, crushed Purdue, rode rough shod over Florida State, and now today killed the hopes of Kansas.

When they travel to Houston and the Final Four they will meet Butler which has had its own Cinderella moment in the sun. Whatever the outcome of that game, VCU has earned its place at the table with the Big Boys.

Photo Credits:
Joey Rodriguez photo by Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
Coach Shaka Smart photo from


podso said...

Hey you're a good sports commentator! And I like your son's swirl around home. But right now we're watching our Tarheels!

Lori E said...

How long until the movie comes out? I want Matthew McConaughey to play the coach.

Maureen said...

I caught a snippet on the news! Congrats! Gotta love when the under-dogs win!

Kim Sue said...

Gotta love an underdog!!

Robert said...

Yep, nice story, had me excited and by theb ned I still wasn't sure what they were playing. But beig from another country that is OK. At least by half way through I had worked out they weren't dancing! Nice article.

Pam said...

I like VCU and their coach so much that it is tempting to jump ship and cheer for them rather than the Bulldogs in the upcoming battle. The team that plays with the most heart will win! Do you really enjoy football more than this?!

Theresa said...

I watched ALMOST all of the ballgames and I love seeing the ones win that NOBODY expected to win:) Cinderella SWEET! HUGS!

Ann said...

OH these words hurt my wounded heart! I'm a Jayhawker!!!! It would have been OK if they would have been somebody else to get into the Final Four. See my post today---I'm so BLUE.

Kristin - The Goat said...

It's so great! I love it when this kind of thing happens :)