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Friday, December 17, 2010

Village People, Country Cousins, and Nativity Bears

Sister Pam was worried that I neglected to put any Christmas "touches" in the FBC. (Remember, that's football cave)

She needn't worry - - - Christmas is springing up all over the place down there.

Before I talk about Christmas coming to the cave, let me address the bare concrete walls.

Some of my bloggy friends said they didn't think they'd like the concrete walls - - - too cold. They suggested trying to put something, like curtains maybe, up to cover them.

I prefer to think of them as a blank slate. Anything I put in front of them looks WONDERFUL by comparison! And besides - - - haven't you HEARD - - - the concrete warehouse look is all "it" these days.

I am NOTHING if I am not all "it."

Oh, there I go cracking myself up again!

When I'm down there enjoying my cave, I have the bare bulb overhead lights turned off and my table lamps turned on which gives a warm yellow glow and I can't even see the concrete.

When your walls are concrete anything you DO to decorate is "right" after that! Very freeing.

Now - - - back to Christmas coming to my cave.

As you can see, there are two kings standing guard beside the entertainment center.

Some of Brunhilda and Borris' kin folk have come all the way from the Northwoods and are nightly performing a bear version of the nativity. Their stage is the top of the entertainment center.

The Country Cousins inhabit the blanket chest in the corner. They are a busy crew what with milking their cows, slopping their hogs, grinding their own flour in the mill, and ice skating in the evenings.

Tonight Ma and Pa Cousins brought in the family Christmas tree. The kids will have to scurry out of their skates, tramp inside, and help with the decorating, don't'cha think?

The Village People have moved onto the top of a bench I bought specially to be their real estate!

(Aside - - - I was pretty proud of my thrifty little self!!! This bench is the new mantle, same general shape! It cost a pittance compared to what a fancy smancy electric fireplace with a built in mantle WOULD have cost.)

As you can see, the Village is a bustle with activity. An organ grinder is working the streets, carolers are caroling, folks are shopping, the street sweeper is sweeping, the business man (there's only ONE in a village this size) is hustling home, and the policeman is policing.

It is quite a journey for the Village People to get to church though. There's that whole hill to climb, not to mention the deep chasm that has to be jumped.

But the stout of heart make it. (They are LUTHERANS, Cass!)

And since every last one of the Village People remembered to pay their electric bill in December, their little village is quite the sight by night.

Behind the FBC, across the Great Divide (which you may have mistaken for a furnace) is my very own Jig Saw Puzzle Center.

Oh the delight on a cold winter's night - - - or any other time for that matter!!!



Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh the Village People make me proud!

Hm, there are some cold days I could use one of those electric heaters in the sunroom ... do they give off a lot of heat? Very tempting.

I think your FBC looks FAB!
I'd hang out and I'd even watch FOOT BALL with you!

If you had good snacks.

Have a wonderful last-weekend-before-Christmas; we're having our family & close friends party tomorrow, so today I'm in happy FRENZY mode, which I really love, and I'm making my very organized daughter nuts. She's run away to the supermarket for me, bless her little heart.

Thanks for the mention. My modest Lutheran heart is glowing.
Although that may be the Lutefisk....

Love, Cass

42N said...

Now all you need is some Wisconsin cheese and beer and you'll be ready for the Rose Bowl.

Lynn said...

Love the FBC. I am beginning to think my whole house is an FBC. Your village is cute and complete! I solved my wondering where to put mine when we moved up here by giving it to my daughter.
Are you in the middle of that freezing storm? Ours is coming in off the Pacific as i type this!

Theresa said...

I love your cave but I believe that I would have to paint the concrete walls:) All of the decorations sure look nice down there, especially the bear family!It looks like you have the perfect place to getaway from it all! Enjoy your evening my friend! HUGS!

KBeau said...

Can't wait to get out my jigsaw puzzle. Will do so on Monday when the first of the kids arrive.

As for great minds, and all of that, I do think you and I were separated at birth.

Angie said...

Well if the concrete walls don't bother you, who are we to criticise? Personally I favour putting some curtains up, but that's me.

Ann in the UP said...

The Cave looks terrific. Calling it the cave makes the walls a real sign of civilization. You could be watching football among stalagtites, or bats, or mossy stuff.

But you have all those lovely little villages and bears, and puzzles, and the church and fireplace! Awesome cave. We are all coming over for snacks during the Rose Bowl, and I'll bring my knitting.

Tonja said...

I love the concrete look! We even considered having concrete countertops in the kitchen. But, decided against it. There are some wonderful stains which I love. They are made just for the concrete and when applied, there is a little color, but it is still mottled and has that aged concrete look!
I love the little village lit up at night. Stay warm!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, you have a lot of decorations in the cave, it look so festive. I just love the villages. Like your puzzle tables too! I must say that I think the curtain idea would actually be pretty around the concrete. Just sayin'!