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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Kids = My Day


Yesterday I posted pictures and a little story about my sophomore class. It seemed from the comments that it wasn't clear they are only ONE of my classes.

In a small private school, in order to be full time, one has to teach a lot of different classes. That means a lot of preparation, but it also means I have the joy of getting to know all my students really well and can remain their teacher for many years.

Let me just take you through my day and introduce you to my classes so you can see what I'm talking about.

Oh trust me, I didn't have to ask but ONCE and these kids were lining up to get their pictures taken to be on my blog. And then there was that little fact of delaying class for a bit - - -

Before I start my daily teaching, I have a lot of work to do, so I am usually the first or second teacher to arrive at school. I pull the security pins out of the front doors, unlock them, and work in my room for an hour or more before school starts. I NEED to do that to keep my head above water.

Each morning the sixth graders and I begin our school day together. First period I teach them math. This is the first year I've taught 6th grade math.

I just gotta tell you, I ADORE teaching 6th graders. I always have. They are "brand new" to middle school, "brand new" to having different teachers for different classes, "brand new" to having a locker, "brand new" to moving from room to room during they day. They L O V E it. They come into the room each morning excited about the day.

That is like saying "sick 'em" to a teacher. :-)

Second Period they stay with me for their science class. It has been GREAT to have them in my classroom for two periods back to back. It gives me the opportunity to kind of "mama" them through the day's schedule. It has also allowed us to arrange our time to suit the needs of the day.

Sometimes we don't take our "break" when the passing period is going on for the rest of the school - - - sometimes we take it before or after they do. When break is over, I always say, "Yo Bob! Break's over" (a line from "Earnest Saves Christmas") and they scramble to their seats. If I DON'T say "Yo Bob!" they tell me about it.

Two days a week these sixth graders come back to me during 7th period for study hall. Bless their hearts - - - they have to "deal" with me for three class periods on those days.

Third Period - the seventh and eighth graders report for Earth Science Class. Lately we've been learning about weather.

They are a lively bunch. Some of them leave comments in my cBox over in the left side bar of this blog. Some of them even identify themselves there - - - others try to "trick" me by making up random monikers for themselves.

I allow 5 points of extra credit per grading period. In order to receive these five points, the students have to find science concepts that we have discussed in class in the world around them - - - in the media, online, etc. These kids are VERY imaginative in finding those extra credit points!!! I love it.

Fourth Period - seven seniors come to my room for Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Before I talk about this class, I need to make a little disclaimer.

Two of our seniors are twins - - - Emily and Evan. Evan took Anatomy last year as a Junior, and Emily is taking it this year. However, Emily was absent today, so as you can see in the class picture, Evan substituted for her. We thought that was a perfect solution. :-)

Anatomy is the highest level class that I teach. It is quite detailed. I teach it in a different style than I teach any of my other classes. Each unit has a syllabus which includes student work days followed by discussion days. It has worked very well and affords us time to bond and fellowship. It is my favorite subject to teach, and the students often tell me it is their favorite class too.

This particular group are very good students and all have superior grades.

Fifth Period - I have lunch and my planning period, my very NEEDED planning period if I'm going to stay "ahead of the game" so to speak with teaching all these classes and being a class sponsor who is trying to plan and take care of the details of the senior class trip to Costa Rica. (We leave in just about two weeks, btw)

During their lunch period, the seniors come and eat in my room - - - being able to do that, versus eating in the cafeteria, is one of their senior privileges.

Sixth Period - The sophomores come to my room for Physical Science, which is a blend of basic physics and chemistry.

I introduced you to them yesterday, and we (they and I) are working on a little surprise for you which I will post another day - - - so that's all I'll say about THAT right now.

Seventh Period - On Monday and Wednesday I have another planning period. On Tuesday and Thursday the 6th graders come to my room for study hall, and on Fridays the Seniors come so we can prepare for the ministry part of our upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

Eighth Period - Freshman Biology.

Now folks, there really ought to be a law against having a difficult academic class last period of the day!!!! We are all brain dead by that time, BUT we persevere!!! When the clock finally says 2:58, we stop our work and place all the chairs on top of the desks and then we wait impatiently for the bell to free us at 3:00!!!

Oh, please don't think we don't love each other - - - we've all just HAD it with school by then - - - you understand.

And THAT takes you through one school day with me. I hope you enjoyed the "ride."



LV said...

For the life of me, I do not know how you do it. I am wore out just reading all your daily activity. I understand better about your teaching. Lord knows I was not aware you were so versatile.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You sound like the perfect teacher to me. My children would have loved you. I hope the parents are nice to you. What a busy schedule you have and I know how much you love every bit of it! Your students all look awesome, hope they are nice to you too!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a ride you have each day my friend! Keetha you are the kind of teacher we all love as a student and hope for our own children. I know this will be hard to lose.

Julie Harward said...

I just know that you are a wonderful teacher...I did enjoy the day with you and your was fun! Come say hi :D

ain't for city gals said... do that day in and day must be some kind of teacher!! Love the small class count...that has to be better than 25-30 kids my sister has to deal with ...

I can't find my blog said...

What lucky kids to have a teacher like you! And you seem to have a great group, so lucky you, too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

your schedule is definitely mind-boggling but I love the way you "spice" it up and keep it real fun with things like "yo bob breaks over" LOLOL. too funny.

Tonja said...

Haven't thought of the 'ERNEST' movies for quite a while! My boys LOVED them!

I know how kids you teach can get under your skin. You invest your time, your energy, your teaching skills, your life into them. They soak it up...and it will never leave them.

I know how you will miss your teaching at this school in the future. Not only has your investment been in their also has been made in the life of the school. I KNOW you have been a vital part of the strength of the school.

Are you going to teach somewhere else, or retire? Not that you are old enough to retire or anything...I mean, gee your hair is still blue and all! :0)

Martin LaBar said...

I enjoyed the description, a lot.

You have been doing a good work, and a hard one.

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you, Dr. LaBar for those kind words. Affirmation from you is highly prized by your pupil.

Holly said...

Um, wow. I had no idea. I have a lot of respect for all you do!

Brenda said...

Wow, what a day! Yes, I was under the impression you had a small intimate group, but now I see you have a Big, intimate group of kiddos!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I love that you took us through your day :) What fun!! I can't wait for your trip to Costa Rica - I'm just tickled with the excitement of you going with those kids. I can't wait to read all about it.

groovyoldlady said...

Keetha, you are amazing. AMAZING! I teach ONE 2nd grader and ONE 4th grader...well, I THINK those are their grades, really I can't keep track. And I do Biology labs with 8 high school kids of varying grade levels.

I have trouble keeping up with just that!