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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still More Eclectic Bits (EB's)

Here is more of what this blog is known for - - - - eclecticity!!!

EB 1

(photo from
It's THAT time again.


You must remember to set your clock AHEAD one hour.

I know some of you out there in bloggy land are THRILLED for this day to come - - - - you want to plant your bulbs and play your golf and I don't want to rain on your little parade, so if you WONDER or even CARE what I think about this mess, you'll just have to click here.

EB 2

In about three weeks now, I will be traveling with the LCS Class of 2010 to Costa Rica for their senior missions trip.

We don't know exactly what we will be doing, but we have volunteered to do some painting, feeding of hungry people, visiting orphanages, and handing out of literature.

We decided to make some sock puppets to use with Spanish music.

Originally, I thought I would get all the supplies to make puppets from actual socks.

But when I got to the craft department, there were sock puppet KITS. They were full of brightly colored socks and accoutrements.

So, the other day we spent some time making our puppets.

They turned out really cute.

Check out the nose on that blue one. I LOVE IT!

And here they are - - - all lined up and ready to go.

We plan to LEAVE them in Costa Rica with someone who will use them.

EB 3

Last Saturday, my little Great-Niece was dedicated. Soon she will be moving with her mommy and daddy to Alaska where her daddy will be stationed with the Coast Guard. (You may remember that her daddy flies a rescue helicopter, if not you can read about it here and here.)

They are not moving to a CITY in Alaska - - - but to the island of Sitka where the longest road is only 15 miles long!

Neither Miss Carson Mae, nor her mommy Misti, look too worried about their upcoming adventure. I think its because they are still YOUNG. If it were me, I'd be worried, they're going to be a 4 hour ferry ride away from Juneau.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Time change is not my favorite but well do I have a choice? Love the puppets, sounds like a wonderful trip.

Julie Harward said...


KBeau said...

I love daylight savings time. Can't wait.

My oldest son did a summer stint in Costa Rica with Campus Crusade when he was in college. Youngest son did his honeymoon in Costa Rica 13 years later.

Kim Sue said...

time change...hum. I kinda wish we would just pick one and stick with it. I love long evenings but I really don't like getting up and going in the dark?

super cute sock puppets and love that cute girl perched on her stool, I wish I could do that!

thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. tough couple of days at our house!

ain't for city gals said...

Hey...We don't change time in Arizona..YIPPEE!! Cute idea with the puppets and good luck with your trip...I have been on a couple of helping trips to Mexico and what a feeling you get from them...all good!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Young is right, four hours is a long time. Love the sock puppets, they are so colorful. You did good.
I think the time change is silly but I would like it to stay in the Spring Ahead time all year. However I do remember being a single working parent and having a hard time getting the kids to bed when the sun was still out! Hope your weekend is going well.

Pam said...

Misti's biggest concern over their move to Sitka has been the sale of their St Pete home; thank the Lord, they are getting an offer today!

Sarah said...

What cute sock puppets. I always enjoyed making these with my students.

Anonymous said...

I love the sock puppets and the originality of each one. Alaska sure does sound like an adventure. It will be a great chapter in their lives.

Angie said...

The only thing that I hate about time changes (and we have a couple of weeks to go yet) is that I have to change the timer on the central heating and every time I have to get out the instruction book.

The great thing about it is that the clock in my car will be rght again. Now, I have no problem during the winter just subtracting one hour when I look at that clock so why does HE make such a song and dance about it? I can't alter it cos I don't know how (neither does he - har-har!)

Keri said...

Misti & David are EXCITED!! And so is little Miss Carson proxy. :)

Seizing My Day said...

Love the puppets! well done! ;)
Just Jenn

Nancy said...

I prefer to be in AZ when the "Fiddlin' with the clocks" time comes since I don't have to make any adjustments there - smart AZ peeps. I do prefer the spring-ahead as WA & AZ are on the same time. The sock puppets are darling -- may they be well used. Speaking of darling -- Carson is a cutie! Thanks for posting the pics ... so nice to see Pam's grandbaby.