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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Suday Reruns - My Hobbies


It's Sunday again, and you know what THAT means!?! It's time for Sunday reruns!!! Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting this meme, "Sunday Favorites".

My repost this week shows how I USED to blog at a big ole PC BEFORE the days of lappy - - - but everything else about it is still spot on!

Hobby Rankings
(First posted on 12/08/07)

It is no secret and no surprise to anyone who knows me that I enjoy three hobbies every day of my life; eating, blogging, and watching/talking about football. The question then is not WHAT are my hobbies, but rather what do I love MOST?

I can honestly tell you that it came as QUITE a surprise to self, since I've been having a love affair with food all my life, to discover quite by accident yesterday afternoon that I MUST love blogging MORE.

(This is IT - - - my blogging universe)

On my way home from school yesterday I picked up my favorite Mexican carry-out. As I was bringing the bag with all the goodies in the house, it HIT me that I love blogging MORE than food because you see, I placed said bag of goodies on the kitchen island and RUSHED up to the computer to check my blogs BEFORE eating. I didn't even care if the food got cold - - - I HAD to blog first. This was a bit unnerving to me as I've glibly said for YEARS, "Eating is my favorite hobby."

(You should have seen me trying to get this picture, BY MYSELF, to illustrate this very important Blogging discovery.)

Suddenly realizing that I loved blogging more than food made me wonder where football ranked.

I'm having massive difficulty putting this one into the lineup in its proper place. You see, I eat WHILE I watch football. I've been known to PAUSE the football game (thanks to the wonders of an HDVR) and run up to my blogging universe to blog about football RIGHT DURING THE GAME!! So, exactly where does football rank? Do I love it MORE than blogging AND food, or should it go between the other two, or is in a close third right behind eating?

This was all entirely too mind-bending for me to deal with, so I did the only sensible thing. I PLANNED this blog in my head and went back downstairs to eat my scrumptious food in front of the TV while watching sports shows ABOUT football.

(Of COURSE I ate all that - - - and some chips and salsa too.)




Julie Harward said...'ve caught the blog-bug! But it's a good thing to have isn't it?! The food looks good though! :D

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Well Keetha, I have to say for me it would be Blogging and food close tie, then painting, cause I also stop painting to run grab food to eat while I check my blog.....
You are so funny, I would have never thought about which was my favorite.

Cass @ That Old House said...

OK, after seeing that new header of yours, I admit to getting a LEETLE bit apprehensive when you said you were going to share your hobbies.

Taxidermy popped into my mind. . . .

And I want to know where you PUT all that food in your little self? But that Mexican food sure looks good -- and if I can say that at before 8 on a Sunday morning with a towel still wrapped around my head I am beginning to think that EATING might outrank blogging for me.

Although I've completely forgotten to eat breakfast or lunch while blogging... hmm. Weighty questions. Hey, I made a joke.

PS LOVE the self portrait header, such an amazing likeness. :-P

Anonymous said...

We are the elite group, called the FBA. Food Blogging Addicts.:) Love the new header, that is funny!

Maggie said...

Great post and it gor me thinking too. Scrapbooking, reading & gardening used to be my top 3. I don't count eating because that is just essential & is a given, I love food!
But since I started blogging again last September thanks to Sarah @ Hyacinths for the Soul, blogging is my #1 hobby.I've now got 2 blogs!!

★Carol★ said...

I am very proud to say that on a couple of Sundays, I blogged while eating and watching a football game reflected in the huge mirror over the fireplace! I am obviously very talented, aren't I?!
Happy Sunday!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Blogging, eating and watching TV are my favorite hobbies, too. I'd even put down my camera for a good movie lol

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend... crack me up!!! Like you's your job...and you do it sooo well! Hehe!

Oh, I have been in the very same circumstance, Darlin'! More than once, food has taken a back seat to blogging! Hehe! Although I am enjoying a delicious snack of yogurt covered pretzels even as I write this! Love the kind of food that you can comfortable eat and blog at the same time! Hehe!!!

You always make me smile and laugh, dear lady! Thank you! And...thank you for joining in with Sunday Favorites this week...once again! Do you know that I'm nearly my one year anniversary for Sunday Favorites? Hmmm...I'm going to have to plan something special!

Have a great day, Darlin'!
Chari @Happy To Design

Anonymous said...

Our family motto is "we do our best eating when we are NOT hungry" .. as I read this post, that's all I could think of .. yup, the family motto. I guess I love food the most.

Treasia Stepp said...

You've caught the blogging bug. I will say some prayers for you now! That mexican food has now got me starving here. We are grilling out burgers and BBQ chicken tonight and it's taking forever.

Lori R. said...

You are such a passionate person re: so many things, maybe you need to do a post, 10 things I love "in order". Then maybe you can let us know what that meal was called and where to get it, so we can ALL order some, get it home, then run to our computers in order to read your blog first before we eat because you know "many of us are JUST LIKE YOU!"