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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy to Oblige


Today my sophomores said, "Mrs. Broyles, we need a class picture! Will you take one and blog about us???"

Happy to oblige!!!

Here they are - - - in their most formal pose. There are only seven of them, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.

I was their class sponsor for three years. We THOUGHT I'd be with them until graduation. But this year, the administration asked me to become one of the senior class sponsors to help that class with the details of their senior trip. Now our school is closing, so I will not be able to return to being a sponsor for the class of 2012.

They said I "ditched" them. They said I could make up for it by making a blog for them.

I said, "A WHOLE blog or just a post?"

They wanted a whole blog.

We settled on a post - - - maybe more.

This is their silly pose - - - and THIS is much more realistic!

They are, after all the class that gave me "Fossil Appreciation Day", dubbed me the Keethasaurus, and are sure I was born before time began.



KBeau said...

Sorry to hear that your school is closing. I guess a lot of private schools are struggling in this economy.

nancygrayce said...

I know you're going to miss this! They're great and it's evident they love you!

LV said...

That is such a nice thing for you to do for your class. I do not know how you handle that age group. Sounds like you just become one of them and they appreciate it. A great tribute to you students.

Angie said...

Isn't it nice to be loved? Sorry to hear the school's closing. Where will the kids go? Will their parents just haveto find somewhere else? Huh...what? Well I had to ask cos our system is quite a bit different from yours.

love, Angie, xx

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Cute Pic Keetha! For a minute, I thought the blond with glasses was your daughter. There is a resemblance. Sorry about the school too. Cindy

Keetha Broyles said...

OH Cindy!!! Just wait until I TELL her you said that!!!! I don't know if she'll be PLEASED or DIE OF SHOCK - - - I fear the later.


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

What a great looking bunch of sophomores!! I think they should have NO more tests for the rest of the year and they should be your GUEST BLOGGERS for a week and tell us what you are really like!! Each one could take a day and share a little "secret" or funny story about you :-)

Shannon said...

I barely recognized some of them!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Now I like Patti's suggestion of letting the kids have their say about you. Could be interesting to see our Keetha from her students' perspective.

Don't worry, we know better than to BELIEVE teenagers. Hahaha!

They are adorable --love how the girls are hamming it up more than the boys. usually the case, isn't it?

What a shame you won't be with them thru their senior year. And what a shame they will be split up, I imagine, among more than one new school. Good luck to them all!

And to you too....

Brenda said...

What a nice, intimate group of kiddos you have to work with. It's obvious that they love you a whole bunch!

Anonymous said...

how cute and fun .. you don't look old at all, hard to believe you have that nickname but it's endearing all the same. they are pretty special to have you and vice versa ..

j said...

What a fabulous looking group of kids! I don't know how you hold yoursef back from blogging about them everyday. I bet there is something quotable/bloggable from them everyday!

Prayers for each of them (and you) for next year, that God will bless them wherever they go to school.

ClassyChassy said...

School closings are always sad news. This is happening all over Michigan, and parents are very upset, never mind what the students are going through. Recently the Superintendent of Schools presented the idea of one combined High School Graduation Ceremony - the students were outraged! They wanted to graduate among their classmates - not strangers they didn't know! It takes the focus away from the individuals! How stupid! I heard he retracted his idea.

Shannon said...

Yes I did notice- they are so grown up!

Tonja said...

Hi Sophomore Class! There is someone way down in South Alabama that thinks you are really special kids! I know you have been blessed to have Mrs. Broyles as your teacher...and most your friend! God bless you as you continue your education! Always do YOUR best!

Roslyn said...

Oh no Keetha your school is closing, whatever will you do?

Ann in the UP said...

Well, weren't they smart to know they would be such a popular subject for your blog? We all love seeing some of the kids you are teaching and influencing. They look like terrific kids and it's interesting that they'd make themselves available to us other dinosaurs (not all of us, but some of us). I wish them God's blessing in the future as they make their way in new school environments. Changing schools is always a challenge, but it can be fun, too.

Noah said...

that cool that the sixth grade took up MOST of this POST hahaahahahahaahahahahaha that rhymed!