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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Billows Roll in My City


This has been a week for 

 Clouds billowing on the horizon

 In our fair city and
 All over our state.

We had winds and showers one minute
And sunshine the next.

That's about all the excuse it took
For Fisherhubby and me to decide
To eat out on Friday night.

Truth be told - - -
We don't even NEED an excuse.

 So, between raindrops we
Headed out to El Mezcal,
Our favorite Mexican restaurant.
 Fisherhubby's favorite dish comes with
Guacamole, which FH doesn't like.

SCORE!!!  I get to eat it all by myself.

Not much I love more than a good guacamole.
 Here is my favorite dish - - - 
Jimador Con Pollo.

It comes with tortillas, but I just scoop it up with a fork
And pop it in my mouth.

Oh, and it doesn't come with the salsa 
slathered all over the top - - - 
I pour that on myself.

Truth be told 
(That's the second truth to be told in this post)
I pour way MORE salsa than this on top.
 And here's Fisherhubby's fave - - -
Fajitas Especiales.

It also comes with a side platter of
Arroz, Frejoles, salad, and tortillas.

I lost count of how many times I had to
Snap a picture to get this ONE
Without FH's "California Hello"
Hand signal hovering over it.

That boy I married
Always takes it too far.   
Today I'm joining Unknown Mami
For Sundays in My City.
Please hurry over to Unknown Mami's to see
What's happening in other cities around blogland.

Credit:  Top photo submitted to Twitter by Chris Plant


Cyndy Bush said...

Mmm, you made me hungry.
I don't like guac either! But I love all the rest.
Your storms look scary. We've had stormy weather here too. I'm OVER it!

Tara R. said...

That first sky shot is so dramatic, and a little scary. The delicious looking meal made me hungry for guacamole.

Charlotte said...

We are having storms at least once a day here in SC. The clouds are forever changing.
I can't get my hubby to try Mexican. Looks delicious.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love clouds. We had some amazing ones in Florida! Great photos.

Unknown said...

Keetha, your cloud photos are well done. I don't quite understand the correlation between storm clouds and Mexican food, but I like it. I eat fresh avocados often here. People walk by in the street selling them, and I can't resist buying them. said...

I was about to reach for all that guacamole, but you got there first, Keetha. I'm glad you enjoyed that delicious looking meal.


Buttercup said...

I'm going for the fajitas. I haven't had Mexican food in ages and I'm way overdue for some.

Bill Lisleman said...

Good food makes the storm clouds go away? It sure is worth trying. Oh thank you for the nice cool breezes we have been enjoying down south of you.

42N said...

That first cloud photo is great. We had some of the same weather as you did. Will it ever stop raining? At lease we are in the 70s and not 110s like the SW. I also like the fajita photo. Mmmmm chips and salsa.

mzzbev said...

My daughter and I are on our way "into the city" as we call it when we drive north for a few hours to visit lots of towns with lots of shops, restaurants, etc., we're planning to go to PFChangs but at this point, Mexican sounds so much better especially after reading your post! Yum!

Unknown said...

Beautiful billowing clouds. Yum! after seeing this I must run get stuff to make guacamole.

Cathy said...


I love your first sky picture...beautiful.