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Saturday, April 28, 2012

SOME Pat Answers are Even RIGHT!!!


Look who's trying to take over MY football cave!

And turn it into HIS music studio and - - -

Fishing show (BLECH!!) watching area.

I gotta tell ya, a man who in all reality cares NOTHING for college football has no business taking over MY FBC (football cave).

I mean THIS MAN doesn't know who plays for which college team nor even who the coaches are. I KNOW this to be fact, 'cause I QUIZ him.

No matter what I ask him like: "Who's the coach of the Northwestern Wildcats?" (Pat Fitzgerald) or "Who was the quarterback at Stanford last fall?" (Andrew Luck) he says: "Pete Carrol!" (former coach of the USC Trojans and current coach of the NFL Seattle Seahawks)

This has gone on for YEARS - - - me ever the teacher, quizzing him in the HOPES that he will learn a little football knowledge - - - he ever refusing to be the student and learn any football facts but "Pete Carrol".

Well - - - last night as I sat watching the NFL draft and saw "MY BOY" Russell get drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, I couldn't WAIT for Fisherhubby to come home from his 12 hour shift in the ER so I could ASK HIM: "Who do you think Russell Wilson's NEW COACH is???"

I was just so confident that he would give his pat answer and be RIGHT for once!

He walked in the door - - - fatigue written all over his body language.

"Guess who Russell Wilson's NEW COACH is!?!?" I pounced.

"I don't know, who? (long pause) Pete Carrol?" says he.


Whew - - - for a minute there I thought he was gonna BLOW IT and fail to give his pat answer.



nancygrayce said...

Bless his heart....even those of us who don't care for sports (in any form) get one right every now and then! Every time I have ever played trivia and there is a music question I answer Hall and Oats.....once, just once, I was right! :))

LV said...

Lord help your poor husband.

Stacy said...

LOL...this could happen at my house. I am the football lover and the husband would rather have teeth pulled than watch a game.

Keri said...

BLESS HIS LITTLE GIZZARD!!!! Poor guy...exhausted from work and getting bombarded with dumb football trivia! :) hahahaha

Maybe he just wants to be where YOU are?! Have you ever heard that men like to just "be" with their wife? No talking, etc. Maybe he's one of those men! He likes to sit in your FBC because it's where you are?! Or...maybe he's just being Dad and being ornery. :)

Folks in these here parts are pretty darned excited about this year's "Mr. Irrelevant" as he is a Norwell graduate and attends Hope Missionary.

Lynn said...

I do this to RR only it's who sang... His answer has always been Beyonce for years. He has recently switched to Band Perry.

ps. are you having any trouble since blogger switched to google chrome? I can not get to my dashboard! AARRRGH (my angry pirate sound)