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Friday, April 27, 2012

Just You WAIT All You Naysayers!


"My Boy", Russell Wilson

Went 75th overall to the Seattle Seahawks in the third round of the 1012 NFL Draft .

There are LOTS of pundit naysayers, especially one with TALL HAIR who thinks he's the NFL Draft guru extraordinaire, who say Russell is too short to be an NFL quarterback.

Watch out Naysayers - - - here he comes!

I stand by "my boy." And so does Jon Gruden.

The naysayer with the tall hair is just wrong.

Photos of Russell Wilson from AP


Theresa said...

I am short too... GO RUSSELL! Enjoy your day dear Keetha, HUGS!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

*giggles* at the tall hair comment! Boys like this give my boy hope... He'll be lucky if he hits 6 feet!

Ann in the UP said...

Last night I asked Good Guy, "Is Mel ever right?"---considering all the pontificating and prognosticating he does.

I think Russell has lots of other important stuff going for him since they remarked on his leadership qualities and work ethic. Height isn't everything. Time will tell---and now we get to be Seahawks fans sometimes.

Wayne W Smith said...

I am glad you enjoy watching the draft. I did watch about 1/2 of it last night - just to be fair - and while it is not my thing - I could see how a fan could be interested. I just do not have that much invested in any sport to pay that much attention to it.

Anita Johnson said...

I crack up every time I visit here! Enjoyed looking at your blogging space in your home. Fun to see where creative people do their thinking!

Sandy said...

Go Russell.....Love the guy...
May have to become a Seahawks fan..
Love from NC