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Friday, April 13, 2012

If It Weren't For Friday Frags I'd Have No "Ments" at All - - -

How does this happen folks? How does an entire week rush by and I've only made one or two "ments" between last Friday's Frags and today's????

Thank goodness for Mrs. 4444's party which forces me to focus for a few minutes each week on blogging!

Frag #1

This little guy lives on the other side of the fence in our back yard. When he sees us out and about - - - or even when he sees me walk by the patio window IN MY OWN dining room - - - he yaps and barks.

I believe he THINKS he's a pitbull.

And his name??? HERCULES!!!

Frag #2

So far this one little pitiful tulip is the only one that has survived the many frosts we've had over the last few weeks. It is BRAVELY attempting to open its eyes and look at the sun.

Frag #3

Someone who knows Fisherhubby well gave him this chocolate trout in a net.

It has been sitting on the kitchen cabinet, unopened and unmolested, for weeks.

I have been threatening to eat it. (Anything I can do to help, you know.)

Yesterday after I took this photo it was my plan and intent to tell you I WAS going to eat it.

Then, low and behold, Fisherhubby murdered the poor little thing on his own and gobbled it down. At least he did share a bite or so with me.

Frag #4

Lookey lookey what came into the Shepherd's Loft again this week!!!! Three more snack plate/cup sets!!!

And these are such a cute little daisy pattern.

They came home with me.

Frag #5

Last night we decided to have a couple of New York Strips (not to be confused with strippers) for supper.

It's Fisherhubby's job to grill 'em.

Looks like he's been making quite a collection of ash from previous grills.

I guess he's afraid there'll be a shortage - - -

Frag #6

It's my job to make the sauce for the NY strippers. I won't give away ALL my secrets, but you can see the MAIN sauce ingredient in the pan - - - - fresh Wisconsin butter. YUM.

No margarine passes my door.

And when the sauce is finished, it is a luscious golden-brown color.

Unless, hypothetically of course, I go out to chat with the griller and Hercules and the neighbor and forget it on the stove - - - then it is charry and black.

All hypothetically, of course.

Then when it is all lusciously golden-brown I spoon it right over the NY strippers, and hand them out the door to Fisherhubby saying: "Butter Side Up!"

Very important to say that or the goofy man will let all the buttery goodness grill off by putting them butter side down.

Frag #7

I found this little pottery piece down in the Loft one day this week. Interesting little candle holder, I presume.

But these markings on the bottom made it more interesting to me for my sister's best friend during high school in this town was a Johnson, who attended the Assembly of God Church which is what our church building was before we purchased it, and those two girls graduated in 1973!

What are the chances??? Probably slim to none - - - but it made me pause to think anyway.

Mommy's Idea

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Theresa said...

Happy Friday! Love those little snack plates:) Yummy steaks and sauce, YES I'll have one too! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Tami said...

My first dog was a black tiny one. He was so adorable, but we named him SPIKE! LOL

Keri said...

MMMM I miss Dad's steaks with your sauce.

nancygrayce said...

The poor little dog is trying to live up to his name! I have two little ones that drive me c.r.a.z.y. with the barking at every movement!

Love a man and his grill.......he can't get much more ash or he's going to have a spill over.....that sauce looks wonderful. I want to know what the red specks are in the other secrets though...:)

The little plates and cups are adorable.....

The chocolate trout.....a cute idea! Too bad you didn't get a bite! Have a great weekend!

Hootin Anni said...

What a coinky-dink on the pottery piece I tellya!!! And those steaks...oh those steaks...I drool and can taste them as I type this. Yum. That poor lonely looking isn't it? I swear, I never ever in my life saw anything like it-------chocolate rainbow trout. LOL What a clever, unusual treat all gifted up to resemble a fish. I know you want me to ask, so I wasn't at all fishy tasting was it. Maybe chicken? No?, dark, luscious chocolate. I could live with that. And Hercules.......what a hoot. The first image resembles a wolf's howl stance.

Actingbalanced said...

I want those plates and cups! One of the women's groups I belong to has a daisy as it's logo and I have been collecting daisy china lately.. so jealous!

Wayne W Smith said...

Hercules looks like he could do some serious damage to ones ankle.

Unknown said...

Go Hercules! And I don't eat margarine, ever.

Lisa said...

And you have quite a "ments"! Hello Keetha, thank you for visiting my post on Namibia. Please visit OneStonedCrow at to experience the country from the man himself. (I should have included this in my post and didn't until a minute ago). Thank you Keetha, and nice to meet you :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh, I do love those daisy plates.

I'm a butter girl too... my family growing up were margarine folks...butter is one of the few "habits" I kept from my ex!

tinajo said...

Haha, cool Hercules! :-)

You know; I think profound thoughts are forbidden on Saturdays. Or so I'm told! :-D

The fabric you saw the other day will be a bunting that I'll hang at the patio when it's finished. :-)

Claudya Martinez said...

Who wouldn't love some NY strippers all covered in butter? People pay good money for that experience.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Fun things going on in your neck of the woods. Yummy dinner and I love the flower plates and cups!

Nancy said...

Well, it's taken a long time to finally sit to comment. Love the snack plates - especially the shape. I once bought a box of 24 plates & cups (all rectangle) for $5 at a garage sale. I them to Goodwill when I no longer desired to move them across the country ... again.
I could claim to have made the candle holder, but since I have no such talent, the lie would be exposed before the "publish your comment" button was clicked. I'm just amazed you thought I may have such talent, and also that you remembered me with a name and partial year.

42N said...

That ash pile is pretty funny. The steaks looks great. We will be over by 6 PM today for a few. I would bring you some Iowa sweet corn but its not quite ready for yet - just wait ninety to a hundred and twenty days or so until harvest.