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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cranberry Harvest History in my City


Wisconsin is the world's leading producer of cranberries. This county is the leading producer of cranberries in this state.

Right now cranberry growers are up most nights protecting the new growth on the cranberry plants from frost by spraying them with water.

Harvest comes in the fall. Harvest methods have changed over the years.

In the past the berries were harvested using a cranberry rake.

This was done by hand - - - men wearing waders carried rakes and waded through the cranberry bogs sweeping up the berries.

Then mechanization came along with this picker.

Even so, each picker needed to be hand guided through the bog by men in waders.

Today we have a plethora of machines which shake the berries off the vines - - -

Corral them at one end of the bog behind a huge boom,

And even convey them up out of the water into waiting trucks.

Looks like in spite of all our modern methods, there's still a need for men in waders!

I guess some things never change.

Joining Unknown Mami
For Sundays in my City.

My city today is Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin



Jojo said...

That is so exciting!!! Dontcha just love the special things that make your hometown unique. Love cranberries!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for educating me! makes me think of the goofy cranberry guys in the commercial in the bog.

Unknown said...

I hate it when people get bogged down! Seriously I am learning stuff here. I grew up in the land of sugarcane and shrimp. I lived in S. Louisiana, and that's what we harvest.

Actingbalanced said...

How fun! I always thought cranberries were mostly a New England thing...

Buttercup said...

Cranberries are a favorite of mine and enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

Tara R. said...

It's good to know that good, old-fashioned human workers are still the best.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so cool. I actually visited a bog back in Phillips, WI about 40 years ago!

Vidya Sury said...

That's a lot of hard work. I enjoyed reading the history. I love to visit the fields. Thanks Keetha, it is so nice to read your Sunday posts. There's always something special!

Happy Sunday!

And I LOVED your "Friday Frag" and "So many hats" posts!

Brenda said...

That's interesting. I would love to see the processing of cranberries. I used to love the dad and son cranberry commercial...I can't think of the brand of hand. Cracked me up!

Tara said...

Very cool! Yes, some things never change. Thanks for the history surrounding cranberry harvesting. Loved the pics and info!

Ann in the UP said...

Love the Wisconsin Rapids! What a sight with

Ann in the UP said...

continued----the water red with berries. I'll bet they see cranberries in their sleep, as I do when I go berry picking in a really good berry year. said...

As a west coaster, I have always found cranberries, and their harvest to be absolutely fascinating. Love, love, love the old time photos.

podso said...

This is interesting...just told my bro in law from NJ that I read this weekend that NJ is the leading exporter of cranberries. You have different info which is probably the correct info. Anyway interesting to learn all this on cranberries and how they grow and are harvested.

Unknown said...

Cranberries aren't grown in Australia so I have never eaten them when they are fresh but I do love to nibble on dried cranberries! It is great to learn where the come from.

Anonymous said...

I love cranberries! I have a packet of them produced in U.S. - yummy!
Have a good week!

Mimi said...

I have written my comment 3 times, now for #4...then I realized I was not signed I am tired!!!!Maybe that blogger issue is just me trying to get so much stuff done!!!LOL I like to blame it on blogger!!!I kept thinking this thing is driving me to drink more wine!!!!Your comment was so sweet, you and Cindy my 2 fav Wisconsin Friends mean the world to me....I hope to visit there soon...Wisconsin Dells...would be so fun now wouldn't it?????
Hey, I love cranberries by the way, juice, snacks......all of it!!!
BE SAFE out there,or in there.hopefully no storm sirens go off....But please be careful and I will Pray for your town to be safe.
I hope to post pics every few days!!
big hugs,

Raymonde said...

Love, love, love cranberries so to see the process of harvesting is fascinating.
Thanks for visiting. :)

Erin said...

That's really cool! I will think of this the next time I drink cranberry juice! :)

Theresa said...

I have seen the commercials that show those men in waders:) Enjoy your day dear Keetha, HUGS!

Wayne W Smith said...

What an interesting history that was. Thanks for sharing!

MamaTim said...

I'm glad U are teaching us something here. The old methods remind me of how the folks where I live used to labour their backs and limbs off in the paddy fields. The modern day machines make things easier and faster, which means people can earn better too..

42N said...

Great story on cranberry production. Its nice to read how things are done and have improved over the years.

Claudya Martinez said...

I love your cranberry posts. I kinda always think of you when I think of cranberries now.