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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rules for My 14 Year Old


Fisherhubby tells me that our oldest daughter Keri had a facebook status of "my husband is a 12 year old" the other day.

I wouldn't know what her status was, not being a facebookite myself.

BUT - - - I thought to myself, "Hmmmmmm, THAT apple didn't fall very far from the tree 'cause her MOM is married to a 14 year old!!!!"

Lately as I've been "gently and kindly" trying to point OUT to my 14 year old Fisherhubby that there are better ways to do things that will make our lives run more smoothly - - - you know, like NOT leaving all the coffee grounds plugging up the kitchen sink, or NOT leaving the shaving cream can in the SHOWER where it will make a rust ring, or NOT leaving his electronic toys of which he has a plethora all over the coffee table - - - he has begun saying I have too many "rules."

Oh, this has led to a game of finding all my "rules" and making vast amounts of fun of them.

Suddenly I had an epiphany moment. I remember THINKING back in our early days of marriage that Fisherhubby's mother had FAILED in the 18 years she had him to teach him the simple procedures of living in the same house with another human being - - -

Then it dawned on me - - - I'm TWICE as bad for I've FAILED to train him in those same basic principles and I've had him in my "care" for twice as long - - - 36 years.

He says my "rules" of life are trivial unimportant things and he needs to keep his head clear for bigger things.

I guess bigger things means giant slabs of cheese.

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★Carol★ said...

There's nothing wrong with that man! Just look at his fine choice of head attire. Go Pack Go!

Anonymous said...

I my gosh -- this made me laugh out loud! You have described The Hubster to a T.

jules said...

Awesome hat! Did you watch that game last night?? I was actually kind of worried in the beginning but I should have know our Packs would pull it off!

Diana Lesjak said...

All husbands are the same! I've had mine for 33 years and I am still "working" on him!!! At least we have laughter~ I think Fisherhubby and my guy would be fast pals!

Ann in the UP said...

Let me contribute a couple uncivilized habits on the Hubs list. Seldom throwing trash from counter into the garbage. Only cleaning his car interior when under duress---meaning non family members plan to ride in it.

My MIL did her best. Her daughter learned all that stuff!

nancygrayce said...

You don't do Facebook?????? I wouldn't know anything my kids were doing without it....hmmmmmm Maybe that would be a good thing!

Alicia said...

What a funny post! I love your pictures. And I'm with don't do facebook??? You've gotta do facebook, how do you keep track of what everyone is up to?

noexcuses said...

I love your wit! I'd be happy to walk you through Facebook. It's really quite easy, and it's free!

Love the hat!!!

mzzbev said...


Holly said...


I love when you blog about Fisherhubby.

It puzzles me how my husband's mom never taught him how to cook, as both his grandfathers were excellent cooks. But as you point out, he's lived with me enough years you'd think I could teach him to at least make a simple pasta....

Kristin - The Goat said...

I've had my husband almost as long as his momma had him, but then I remember that even she sent him to boarding school!

Love Gibbs Rule #9. In fact I like all of the Gibbs Rules, but really only a few are good for my day to day activities. For instance, I don't normally need to worry about Gibbs Rule #1 "Never let suspects stay together" as I rarely have suspects for anything LOL

Keri said...

Wanna know WHY I said my husband is 12?!