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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Bucking" Up


("Bucking" is a pun - - - get it? OK, then I'll tell you, our Badger mascot's name is Bucky)

My boys didn't win last Saturday. I can't even TYPE that "L" word.

You haven't heard me mention "it" all week, because frankly I couldn't STAND to think about it, much less TALK about it.

The next little bit of this post you may not "get" - - - unless your blood runs the color of YOUR college football team. That's OK, if you don't "get it" that is all the more reason you need to keep reading so YOU will know how to help YOUR friends who may go through, any weekend, what I'm going through now.

When you are a true college team fan, and "your boys" don't pull out the big WIN on any given Saturday in the fall you are so crushed you just curl up in a ball and go into grieving mode.

This is NOT the time for friends, who don't "GET" college ball, to TEASE you.

They are likely to get a punch in the nose if they try.

This is the time for those who love you to stand quietly by your side, give you space to grieve, and offer a sad and understanding look from time to time. A gentle pat on the shoulder or back may be acceptable. Better yet would be if they brought a box of tissues and broke down and cried WITH you.

I know a FEW of you out there know what I'm talking about - - - - Leigh? Dust Bunny? KBeau??? Can I get a witness???

But in college football after a devastating unwin, there is only ONE week to recuperate and get ready for the NEXT big game.

In our case, that big game means we have to go into the Horse Shoe in Columbus to meet another Big Ten traditional power, Ohio State.

True, the Buckeyes haven't been very good this fall - - - but there's just something about those in conference power match-ups that leaves one holding their breath, crossing their toes, and biting off their fingernails.

I am doing all I know to help "my boys" pull out a big "W" in Columbus. And I started early.

I've been wearing my Wisconsin earrings, pulling out the red and white beads,

And having my nails painted Badger Red - - -

With a blingy "W" on the ring finger just for good measure.

Saturday night as I watch the game I plan to be wearing all Badger clothing, including PJ bottoms and my infamous Badger sweatshirt which has pulled us through to MANY a victory.

I even plan to pull out my red and white "Bucky" socks which Annie knitted for me last fall.

This is all I can do to help - - - so I will do it all.

During this week of extreme duress of soul, my Indiana friend Diane sent me something really special in the mail.

While I am a Badger's fan, Diane is an artist. She could care LESS about football.

But, being a true friend she cares about ME and chose this very week - - - a week where she KNEW I'd be devastated (she said she saw the end of our game and said, "Keetha will be devastated!") to send me just the RIGHT thing.

I opened the box which arrived at my door to find THIS ultra soft, Badger colors, hand woven blanket for one!!!!

Diane not only THOUGHT of me, she MADE this for me and sent it in time to be used during football season.

Thank you sooooooo much, Diane!

I wrapped myself in its soft yarny warmness and snapped this picture to show to all of you.

Perhaps that was the FIRST smile on my face all week - - - who knows!

And, should the unthinkable thing happen again tomorrow, despite all my best efforts to elicit a victory, just quietly pat my blog in a very sympathetic manner as you pass by this way next week.


Ann in the UP said...

Oh, girlfriend, I feel your pain! You are obviously doing everything in your power to help them beat the Bugeyes. Pray, too!

mzzbev said...

We're not even acquaintances but I thought about you too. I've been in your position many a time, too many to count. You definitely have the "W" tomorrow, I have no doubt!! Buckeyes going DOWN baby!!!

nancygrayce said...

I will not tease you! :) Hope your teams wins this week. Our family team is losing big this year. The Gators.

Erin said...

That is a beautiful Badger blanket! Can you believe that my college didn't even have football? I know - terrible!

j said...

I live in the state where one of our fans poisoned our rival's sacred tree... I SO "get" it. Our funk lasted a loooooong time after Auburn won a National Championship last year. They are in our state so we were supposed to be happy for them, right? Tell that to my husband. We coveted that title for Bama.
Those "L"-words hurt our heart and sometimes when our rivals win, it hurts too.

I am so sorry about last weekend but I know you wouldn't give up your fanhood if it meant not ever being disappointed. We will support our boys, win or lose.

Love ya Keetha!!

Lynn said...

I am a witness for you! I have OU earrings and Shirts and Jammie bottoms. Rah!

Sandy said...

Someone from "O HI" told me that a Buckeye is a worthless nut....How's that? OH, GO WISCONSIN beat those worthless nuts!!!!! that would be like da bears beating the pack, right?
Have a great weekend..It is colder here than it is in Appleton...BRR!!! How about that?

KBeau said...

Yes, I'll be a witness. I was sick all week after we "didn't win" against Alabama. To make matters worse, I have to live with those people. Good luck to your Badgers tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me. You're the first one I thought of when I heard the score of your game last weekend.

Rebecca said...

The only thing I have on my brain right now is the St Louis Cardinals and Winning The World Series!!!!

And keeping Albert Pujols as a St Louis Cardinal for the rest of his career.

I'm not asking too much am I?

Kristin - The Goat said...

As I was jumping up and down, screaming my head off that MSU pulled off such an incredibly close win against the Badgers, I was thinking of you...I even sent you an email.

Those who win also have to go back that next week and do it again. Unfortunately for me, Michigan State is playing Nebraska. I've been a Nebraska fan since I was but a wee lad (rather lassy.) I'm going to have to root for MSU, but it pains me to do so. I love my corncobs.

Unknown said...

Oh dear, Keetha I consider you one of my best virtual friends but I can't seem to get it about sports. Do you have any badger underwear? Perhaps that's the missing link! Love the blanket!! So pretty!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh I understand! I had my red on last night with my GO CARDS earrings and wrist band..........hope it works as well for you as it did me.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I so get it Keetha! Dan was in a funk all week long! Thankfully the Packers won and that helped his wounds a little.
You have a great friend that blanket!
I just saw the cutest bucky you have one? And I love the red nails, beautiful!

LL Cool Joe said...

Lovin' the earrings. D

Megan said...

I love the nails! Though I can't fully relate, as my college didn't have a football team!

42N said...

Hey, at least the Badgers haven't lost to the Gophers like my team did last weekend. Jeez. Its a rebuilding year they say around here.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your, um, unwin. One of my BFFs just sent her son off to Wisconsin. he is on the rowing team there and lives across from the stadium. Says game days are crazy! :)

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Awwww I love the glittery W.