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Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's in a Pedigree Afterall?


A few years ago this sweet, delicate, little tea cup was given to me

By my friend, Vangie. Vangie has a darling little antique shop, so when she gave me the tea cup she was very careful to tell me it was NOT an antique, that it was just something that caught her eye and she thought I'd like.

It is just a generic, nameless, pedigree-less, little waif.

In fact, it has no markings of any kind on its back. (You know - - - all tea cups who are anybody in Tea Cup Land have markings!)

I don't CARE that it is markingless. I LOVE it and keep it in a prominent place where I will see it EVERY day and think of my friend Vangie - - - who lives far away in Indiana.

Vangie also gave me two other small tea cups, seen here trying very hard to upstage my little waif.

These two are beautiful proud antiques WITH "good" markings. The one on the left is Haviland from France and the one on the right is RS (Reinhold Schlegelmilch) from Germany - - - both very collectable.

But you know, for all their pedigree, swagger, and down right snobbiness - - -

I still love my little nameless generic waif the best!

Thank you, Vangie!



Anonymous said...

Sometimes the prettiest little pieces are the ones which are "nameless." This is a very sweet and delicate pattern and such a thoughtful gift from your friend. The oak washstand you have it displayed on is so very similar to one my grandma had that now belongs to my brother.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I agree sometimes the no name cuties are the best! I do think they are all lovely. I think it's the friendship that means so much also. hugs, Linda

podso said...

Ah I'm sure we could find a lesson in this. It's a good thing they keep their bottoms down so the markings are not so obvious. Yet I suppose in their heart of hearts the teacups know ....

Ann in the UP said...

The little orphan teacup is very sweet, but means so much because of your dear friend, I'm sure.

I have some lovely dainty cups that were my mom's, yet usually brew my tea and drink it out of a nice big mug. Much less schlepping around for refills.

Coloradolady said...

Beautiful cups!! I love the one from your is so delicate looking. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I am not sure why, but this post just brought tears to my eyes. There is something about the notion of being important and loved for who YOU are and what you represent to the person that loves you....
How sentimentality and good character still sometimes rule the day...
Or, I've been drinking.

KathyB. said...

Beautiful display for your little waif. Actually, all 3 teacups look like they would go together well . Very pretty.Your husband would look very sweet sipping from one of these teacups and strutting his rooster feathers :)

Kristin - The Goat said...

What a pretty little tea cup family :) How sweet that your friend has given you all of them!

Kathleen said...

I am with you! Who cares if it has a NAME as long as you like it!
Lovely gift, wonderful remembrance.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

When I went to the Antique Roadshow with my mom, she learned that her "priceless" Limoges dessert set *with* marking was exactlt that...priceless (re: worth nothing ;-). So maybe the opposite is true for your unmarked tea cup...It's sooooo special that it isn't marked! :-) Regardless, little treasures like your tea trio (I have my grandma's tea cup collection) are worth their weight in gold to me.

Holly said...

Sweet! My in-laws brought me a teacup from the UK on a trip there a few years back, and it's put away somewhere safe where little hands can't break it!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree, a pedigree doesn't mean a thing if you love what you have.
I did a post a few days ago with some kissing dog S&P I saw in Florida. March 4th!

Janet, said...

Yes, you are a dish a holic, aren't you Keetha. I always look underneath teacups, plates and bowls, etc. for their pedigree. The only pedigree I try to stay away from is made in China.

Simply Debbie said...

This story made me was precious.
The no name teacup...
What a message she told
Let's meet at Starbucks and laugh all
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie