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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twining Threads

It is clear to me that our lives are tapestries made of colorful twining threads representing all the people and events that have impacted us.

None of us are "self-made" nor do any of us "pull ourselves up by our OWN bootstraps."

We are what we are because of the people and events which impacted us AND the choices we made as a result of those impactings.

Meet Connie. Her life and mine have been twining threads since the summer before I started 6th grade. We were both in the same youth group as we traveled down those tortuous middle school and high school years.

Being older, I went away to college first and we lost touch for more than twenty years. Several years ago we reconnected and now Connie is a regular visitor to this blog. When I get up to Wisconsin, we try to get together.

I can't even begin to describe the huge impact Connie's thread is having on my tapestry now. She is an amazing lady.

We were able to spend several hours together last evening at that FAMOUS meeting place - - - CULVER'S.



Dawn said...

You two look so cute in your red shirts and smiles! Sounds like a great friend.

Lori E said...

A great friendship can last through a 20 year separation. What a nice post, except for the taunting us with that Culver's jab. I haven't even had breakfast yet.

korie said...

aweeeee thats sweet

Sarah said...

I so enjoyed reading about this. I like the way you described others as "colorful twining threads in the tapestries of our lives". Beautifully put! I'm going to remember that phrase. I cherish my friends and have many friendships that have spanned the years and the miles. Best wishes to you and Connie. Here's to friendship! ~ Sarah

xinex said...

There is nothing like real friendship, Keetha. You both look so happy together..Christine

KBeau said...

What cute pictures. You must have consulted each other about what to wear.

Lynn said...

You two are too cute!
I, too have friends like that!

Connie N. said...

Thanks for the lovely will always be one of the colorful twining threads in the tapestry of my life...I'm so glad we could get together last night! I'll keep my eye out for the Badger item I was telling you about...

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

It is so fun to run into "twining" friends, isn't it? I have a few like that in my life!

Anonymous said...

Old friends are still the best, they know your history and still love ya!:~)

Kristin - The Goat said...

Are you sure you aren't going to be tired of Culvers by the time I get there? haha!

What a great story :) You are so right about the threads representing people in our lives. It is so true! I'm so glad that you reconnected. I've done the same with a few friends and it's wonderful.

Kristin - The Goat

I can't find my blog said...

Love friends like that!

Man, I want a Culvers!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

love that last pic of you! Great post!