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Friday, September 4, 2009

It's HERE!!!!!

Is your heart going "pitty-pat" this morning?
Is the blood rushing through your veins?
Are there excitement butterflies in your stomach?

THERE SHOULD BE!!!!! It's College Football Season and we're off and running on the gridiron!!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

(AP Photo/Matt Cilley)
Already, after just the first evening of games, the old WE WANT PLAYOFFS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL monster is rearing his head.

And well he should.

Last night non BCS Boise State knocked down the BCS Ducks. If Boise State now runs the table, shouldn't they have the chance to at least enter a playoff and vie for the #1 title?

Methinks YES.

President Obama thinks YES.

But the BCS Big Boys, who hold all the power cards, think NO.

Ah well - - - I for one am STILL going to sit in my favorite chair in front of my favorite wide screen TV every Saturday from now until the bowl games in January and enjoy me some FOOTBALL, 'cause I am READY!!!



Tonja said...

I'll admit it, I'm not a football person. The Christian College Don and I went to didn't have much of a team. Now, I do get a little caught up in the Alabama/Auburn hoopla...and enjoy following both of them....from afar.
But, I'm am very happy that you are so excited about it all. Hope your team always wins! Enjoy!!!

~Molly~ said...

YAY and AMEN!!! We are ready for some football here in east Texas for sure!!!

KBeau said...

I am so excited. We have folks coming over to watch the game tomorrow night. Can't wait to see what the Hogs will look like this season.

nancygrayce said...

Uh Oh! I do NOT get excited when football season starts! But my DH and children are very excited!!

Lori E said...

How can you call that thing a ball? It isn't even round.
Now a basketball has fun written all over it.

Haaa haaa my word verification is brati. I resemble that remark.

Shannon said...

Our house is very excited! I'm making an LSU cake for Brian tomorrow!

I can't find my blog said...

Me too! Although that is going to require some remote wrangling on my part. Hubby has been all too comfortable with that darn thing lately.