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Monday, December 1, 2008

Ice Fishing

In the northwoods of Wisconsin, from whence I hail, there are many Norwegian folk. They love to tell "Lena and Ole" jokes. These often also include Ole's brother Sven. Here's a little sample:

Ole and Sven loved to fish, and they wanted to do some ice fishing. They'd heard about a good lake and they took off up there. The lake was frozen nicely. They stopped just before they got to the lake at a little bait shop and got all their tackle. One of them said, "We're going to need an ice pick."

So they got that, and they took off. In about two hours, Ole was back at the shop and said, "We're going to need another dozen ice picks."

Well, the fellow in the shop wanted to ask some questions, but he didn't. He sold him the picks, and Ole left.

In about an hour, he was back. He said, "We're going to need all the ice picks you've got."

The fellow couldn't stand it any longer. "By the way," he asked, "how are you fellows doing?"

"Not very well at all, " Ole said. "We don't even have the boat in the water yet."

I think Ole and Sven can be forgiven for this since they are the lead characters in a JOKE.

But how can you explain hubby Greg and his fishing buddy Mark cutting a hole in the ice to get their boat in on their "Black Friday" fishing trip? Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough - - - once they had the boat in they had to go back and forth slowly to break up the ice so they could fish or their lures would just land and sit on top!!!

When I asked hubby if he didn't think that was a tad extreme - - - maybe even crazy - - - he replied, "Not at all - - - there was another boat there doing the same thing."

Now you know why I call those two crazy fishermen Ole and Sven!!!

Oh - - - Sven caught one Muskie, Ole caught none, and Kelly, our eldest son, caught his first Muskie ever.

They said that made it all worth while.

I'll stay at home and sit comfortably in front of my wide screen and watch football games, tyvm!!!!


Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

That IS crazy!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that is pretty cool! You know, the muskie is a fish of a thousand casts! I am married to a die-hard fisherman, trapper and hunter! That's funny about Ole and Sven, I bought a book for our son about 10 years ago that was a story about them. In a nutshell, they were always fighting, but best buddies.Went out ice fishing, ice broke with them on it, and a big fish they were trying for years to catch, gave them a ride back to the mainland. Very funny book, Drew loved it!

Keetha Broyles said...

Leigh - - - I'm with you, I think it's CRAZY.

Amy - - - if your hubby is a die hard outdoorsman, then you KNOW what I live with!!!! Hubby was sooooooo excited that our new Satellite TV has the WORLD FISHING NETWORK - - - fishing shows 24/7, in fact he is watching it as I speak!!! It is tooooo boring for WORDS!!! Hehehehehehehehe

If you google Lena and Ole you will find TONS of the Norwegian story/jokes.

Nancy said...

Well, let's see ... I am a Wisconsin native. I am Norwegian. I have relatives named Ole, Lena, & Sven. (In fact, my grandmother's name was Oline - pronounce O-lee-na.) With that said, I cannot claim to have a close loved one ice fish in the way Greg & Mark did on Black Friday. That is too funny! And to top it all, they were successful! Yay for them!! By-the-way, where were they fishing?

Keetha Broyles said...

They were fishing here in Indiana - - - at Lake Webster, which is about an hour and a half north of here.

Martin LaBar said...

Well, at least they didn't leave the car (or the fishing shack) on the ice until that melted, and the goods went to the bottom of the lake. At least not yet. . .