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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess Who Came to School!?!

This cute little guy!!! First I oooed and ahhhhhhed over him - - - then I bit his head off!!

Thanks to Catie who brought him to me.

How he's Made:
The head: a chocolate kiss
The body: a chocolate covered cherry with the stem sticking out
The Base: a chocolate covered graham cracker square
The Ears: Slivered almonds
The Eyes and nose: transparent icing in a tube.

Have fun folks!!!


Kathy (Pearson) Troyer said...

Oooh. Looks delicious. What are the ingredients? I see a candy kiss, slivered almonds, choc. covered cherry. Is that a choc. covered graham cracker base?

Dustin and Kayla said...

ahhh hahah yummy!

Dustin and Kayla said...

ps. i looove our dining room table! i'm never getting rid of it!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Kayla, It was AWESOME for having a crowd of people - - - just keep squeezing MORE in on the benches!!!

Kathy - - - you figured it right out!! I'm not sure what they used for the eyes and nose - - -

One More Equals Four said...

too cute!

4 Lettre Words said...

That is just too cute!

Any, your tree looks beautiful, by the way!! (Thank you for stopping by today!)

Julie said...

I just can't look at this post. :) After the mouse fiasco we had in our basement this fall, I have a mousephobia. I hope you enjoyed him though!

Keetha Broyles said...

Awwww Julie - - - this little guy is soooooo cute!!! He tasted really good too!!!

We moved into a house in a field in the country once - - - it had been empty for several months. We thought maybe there were mice. Hubby set traps and caught 19 in ONE day.

Julie said...

Oh Keetha-EWWW!!!! :) I won't complain about the nine mouse family we caught in one week anymore!

petrii said...

Okay thought I was moving on and this I saw this. This is the cutest thing. Do you have a recipe? I think I shall have to visit my friend Mr. Google and see if I can figure this out =)

Blessings to you,

Nancy said...

"...Not a creature was stirring, not even the mouse..." because Keetha bit his head off. This is too cute and yummy-looking. What a darling idea!

Lone Butterfly said...

He's ADORABLE! I want to figure out how he's made - and have many of them next year for the holidays!

GeonHui's Bakery said...

Very cute and yummy!