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Friday, September 19, 2008

OK, I'll Play

I may be too late for my predictions to "count" this week - - - but hey, it's football, I'LL PLAY!!!

Week of 9/21/08 - NFL Predictions
(My predicted winners are in Cobalt Blue, which IS COLT'S blue btw!!)

My results will be in THIS color
Added after-the-fact.

Cardinals (17) @ Redskins (24) L
Panthers (10) @ Vikings (20) L
Texans (12) @ Titans (31) L
Dolphins (38) @ Patriots (13) L

Oh sure, Dolphins, choose NOW to come to life!!!
Right when I started playing BFL
And was sure you would be trounced by the Pats.
Love that the Pats lost - - - -
Just wish I would have seen it coming!!

Raiders (23) @ Bills (24) W

FINALLY - - - I predicted a win!!!

Bengals (23) @ Giants (26) W

Go Eli!!!
At least ONE Manning pulled out a win.

Chiefs (14) @ Falcons (38) W

I'm so proud of you, Matt Ryan!!!
I LOVED you at BC
Hope you have a GREAT NFL career!!

Buccaneers (27) @ Bears (24) L
Rams (13) @ Seahawks (37) W
Lions (13) @ 49ers (31) L
Saints (32) @ Broncos (34) W
Steelers (6) @ Eagles (15) L
Browns (10) @ Ravens (28) W
Jaguars (23) @ Colts (21) L

OK boys - - - you are going to HAVE to learn
How to keep the other team from controlling
The ball for the ENTIRE GAME
If you plan to win - - - -
Otherwise, this will be a really long
And really painful
Season for me - - -
Your number one fan!

Cowboys (27) @ Packers (16)

Packers, what happened!?!

Monday Night
Jets (28) @ Chargers (49)
Combined score: 41 (77)

I'm 6 W - 10 L
I'd better stick to teaching science
And leave football predictions
To the pundits
And to those who are
Just naturally LUCKY!!!



I can't find my blog said...

Yea! Glad you're in! Did you link?

Amy in Ohio said...

Welcome to a season of pain! Ha ha!

Glad to have you on board Indy!

Amazing Greis said...

Ok, so truthfully the JAX/COLTS game is another iffy one, but JAX is 0 - 2 and I think they're gonna be going all out this week. I could be wrong, but I just went with my gut on this one. I hope Peyton has an AWESOME game, he's my fantasy QB and I need all the points I can muster. So, if JAX loses but Peyton throws 3 TDs and for over 300 yards I won't be too upset!!!!! LOL I'm glad to see someone else has picked my hometown Texans to win! They need this one against the Titans, for sure.

Keetha Broyles said...

Amy in Ohio - - - we'll see who has pain in the NCAA season when your Buckeyes go into the formidable Camp Randall Stadium to face my Badgers!!! If your Buc's don't play any better than they did out at USC, I may have a HUGE smile on my face after that one!!!

Greisie - - - The Titans are having all that QB trouble with Vince. Until they get that straightened out I figured they'd struggle. So - - - I think your Texans can do it. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Titans and 49ers will win. All the other picks look good.

~Molly~ said...

I won't play but I'm sure gonna WATCH!! We love football season at my house, being *mostly* Cowboys, Longhorn and Sooner fans. Let the fun begin!!


Keetha Broyles said...

Molly, are you the NFL Dallas Cowboys fans, or the NCAA Oklahoma State Cowboys fans?????

Just wonderin' since I do love NCAA MORE.

Keetha Broyles said...

Jason, are you my S-I-L Jason, or some OTHER Jason??? And what makes you so sure about the Titans and the 49ers? 'Splain please!

Maura said...

You're not too late! I'm glad you joined in...I like having more people to beat! You need to work on your trash talking skills, though. That's half the fun, especially since all our picks are pretty similar. ;-)

Keetha said...

There were five different ball games I was interested in Saturday and ALL FIVE of the teams I was cheering for lost! Miss. State, Univ. of Tennessee, Southern Miss., Ole Miss, AND Auburn... Maybe I'm the jinx!

Keetha Broyles said...

I was SURE Auburn would win that one Saturday - - - but not.

Crazy NCAA football!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you still need splin'n here it goes. I felt the 49ers are doing things better this year with Martz calling the Offense. The 49ers were also playing the Lions and the Lions are one of the worst teams.

My reason for the Titans pick was they were going up against the Texans. The Texans give up a ton on the run. The Titans run game is going good with Johnson and White.

I can't wait for more FB tomorrow!!! See you in the morning.

Love you