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Friday, September 19, 2014

So We Had Us a Day!!

Yesterday was Fisherhubby's birthday.  He has been planning his birthday outing since last July.  Ended up he had to work yesterday so the birthday adventure was today.

This is pretty tame stuff to be called an adventure - but we call it that anyway.

We began with brunch at Perkins here in town.  I'm telling ya, they need to ask me to write their menus.  I took an ordinary egg dish & revamped it right before their eyes.  Made it delish.

After brunch Fisherhubby pointed the nose of his new, to him, truck toward Eau Claire.

Along the way, when our morning coffee necessitated a potty stop, we found this particular brand of bottled water.  It is my very fave and we don't find it just everywhere.


The drive was quite lovely - even though a bit overcast.  We passed fields ripe unto harvest, leaves trading in their greens for more flamboyant hues, and animals doing what animals do.

In one field nine(ish) Sandhill Cranes were forming a perfect pyramid.  That was all it took to launch Fisherhubby into a detailed description of how they must practice their flying formation on the ground to get it just right before they take to the skies for migration.

I didn't believe him, and neither should you for IF Sandhill Cranes practice their formations on land before taking them to the skies, which I sincerely doubt, HE certainly doesn't know about it and was only trying to trap me into one of his fables.

I shall not be trapped,  nor shall you.

Upon arriving in the metropolis of Eau Claire we imbibed in a bit of shopping.

First stop Kohl's for jeans & other accoutrements.

Next Gander Mountain where I spent time in the camping chair department with this for my vista as Mr. B shopped till he nearly dropped.

I met a young lad who wore a crimson Alabama hoodie though he knew not one thing about AJ McCarron, Nick Saban, the elephant,  nor even Roll Tide.

I did my best to edjumacate him, even warning him that his most vile rival was Auburn, to which he replied:  "I just liked the shirt."

I shake my college football loving head in disbelief.

Finally we reached our final destination - Red Lobster.  Fisherhubby dug right into his salad knowing it was a mere precursor to his main event:

Two pounds of Alaskan Snow Crab legs.

I look at these and wonder from which perilous seas they were wrought.

But Fisherhubby dissected them with the skill of a surgeon giving not a moment's thought to their procurement.

Too much work.

I preferred the ease of never-ending shrimp with an add-on lobster tail.

It was a veritable feast.  They lost money on me.

With briny hands washed & dried we wended our way home over long and winding roads.

I swear the leaves had gotten more colorful in just one afternoon.

We arrived home none the worse for the wear, Fisherhubby already with visions of next year's birthday adventure dancing in his head


Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to your Fisherhubby! Glad you're posting again. I just don't care for Twitter! :-(

Erin said...

Happy birthday, Fisherhubby!

Ann in the UP said...

It's good to get an update. FisherHubby is still telling tall tales, and you still know the best places for food!

Happy birthday, Greg! And a shopping trip to Gander Mountain for a birthday present to yourself! Does he know how to live or what???

Love to you, Keepie!

I can't find my blog said...

Hi there old friend! I'd been missing you, then BAM! you post! Lucky me!!

Hugs and kisses to you and all your family!

Martin LaBar said...

Sounds good! All of it.

42N said...

I just returned from northern Minnesota. Your photos look like the Minnesota scenes of bright leaves. We also had 30 seconds of snow up there on Tuesday.