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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Has Sprung on the Frozen Tundra

Today is the first day of Spring!!!  Even on the FROZEN TUNDRA, Spring has sprung. 
'Tis true that here on the frozen tundra we woke to 4 degrees and THIS right outside our windows on the very first day of Spring.

No, it didn't just fall in the night or even this past week, at least not ALL of it fell this week - - - only about 5 inches or so of it did.

But here it is, and here it will stay for a while yet.

Our pastor, who longs for warm weather year around, wasn't any too happy about the 4 degrees this morning.  I "bopped" into his office and said, "Pastor, guess what verse I just found in Psalms?"

He said, "If it has to do with snow I don't want to hear it!"

HA!  He knows me well - - - but not QUITE well enough because THIS time I wasn't planning to even HINT at snow.

But I digress.

Back to Spring arriving on the frozen tundra - - -

You know y'all, it doesn't MATTER what the temperature is or how much snow we still have, THIS IS SPRING.  The sun "don't" lie.   And the sun says (by it's position over Earth) that today begins Spring.

So - - - Spring it is.  This just happens to be OUR form of Spring.

I went around with my camera to see if I could spy any signs that we are or WILL warm up and believe it or not, even at 13 degrees, I found these:

Sign #1:  Gorgeous blue skies with the sun POURING down its warmth onto our continuous blanket of white.

It is so "hot" it warmed us from 4 at 7 this morning to 13 by the time I took these photos mid-afternoon.

What a beautiful sight - - - any season.


Sign #2:  A small puddle of meltage at the end of our driveway where the sun has warmed the concrete enough to do damage to the crystaline structure of frozen water rendering it to its liquid state.

Yep - - - even at 13 degrees the SUN is warm enough to cause meltage and be a harbinger of SPRING.

Of course if you just raise your eyes an eensy, teensy, tinsy bit you will see that we STILL have a snow mountain at the end of our driveway.

Well - - - actually THIS is more of a snow mole-hill ya'll.  

Still, it WILL take the sun a WHILE to melt through all of this.

Sign #3:  See that little black dot out there in the yard beyond the nearly buried snow gauge?

Guess what that is!!!
IT'S CHIPPY!!!!  He chose TODAY, the very first day of Spring, to emerge from his winter burrow for the very first time!!!

He sat in his little den doorway for a LONG time - - - I think he was "skeered" of all that cold white stuff, poor little guy - - - and then

He began to venture forth, leaving a plethora of cute little Chipmunk tracks in his wake.

And that's how the first day of Spring sprung 'round "these here" parts.

Cheer up guys, by the first day of SUMMER all this snow will be gone.



Erin said...

Welcome back Chippy! And happy first day of spring Keetha!

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha, yeah what a lovely spring day! Here in the UK we have rain. So what's new??

If I were Chippy I'd head straight back to his Den!

shannon i olson said...

yup. here too.
The sun is great and it find it amusing that it can "melt" when it is 5 degrees. We have a ton of snow here and now we wait for the flood issues. I would venture out to look for signs but our snow cover is froze solid about 2 feet above the ground, I had to shovel downward to get to the bottom step. come on Spring- for real Spring that is!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring! Glad you have had lots of snow! Loved the Chippy picture...

Theresa said...

Spring is here too:) It was 70 over the weekend and gonna be in the 20s tonight! We will enjoy whatever we get... one day at a time! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Cathy said...

Love the little chipmunk and his little tracks! Too cute.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

A little chipmunk? Oh my! You better send him down here to Florida for a couple of months while you thaw! What a cold day....but I love that beautiful sky and nice sunshine! Happy Spring my friend!

Claudya Martinez said...

Happy spring, my friend. It was bound to come.

podso said...

Here's where faith comes in! But I see the signs you are pointing out, and they look promising,

nancygrayce said...

I have a feeling your pastor and I would get along quite well!

It is indeed spring! And we're poised for some spring storms!

Loved the chipmunk! The first time I saw one I was just so fascinated! They are a little bit like a squirrel but not.

Unknown said...

Great way of looking at a glass half full instead of half empty!
Happy Spring!!!!!!

Barb said...

Happy Spring! We are actually in Northwestern Illinois, close to the Wisconsin border, right now, and it was about 6 degrees. We decided to go on a hike anyway, because we rarely get to be surrounded by nature. Plus the sun was/is shining so brightly!