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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm No Ezra Jack Keats - - -

But THIS is a snowy day anyway.

Oh no, don't misunderstand me, I am NOT complaining about it - - - I do LOVE me my wintertime snow!
This is how my little candy apple red wagon looked after a couple of hours out in the parking lot this morning.
Of COURSE I was out and about in it - - - this IS Wisconsin ya know!!
If we stayed "in" waiting for perfectly clear roads, blue skies, and zero snow we'd stay "in" from November through May.

When I lived in the south I giggled about the whole bread and milk situation when the word snow was merely mentioned by the weathermen.

If you don't know what bread and milk situation I'm talking about - - - you've never lived in the south.

South Chicago does NOT count.
I came home from my morning jaunt and decided to shovel before I even came into the house.
My snow pile is going to get even bigger 'cause I really need to get out there and shovel again.

I'm guessing by now we've probably received a new 5 or 6 inches on top of what we already had.

It's enough that our mailboxes are threatening to play "hide and seek" with the snow bank.

Look to the left (south.)
Look to the right (north)

Come in and attempt to go about one's day.

WAIT!!!!   Why isn't the HEAT working?

Called for the "heat guy" who came and had me fixed up in a jiffy.

He no sooner left than it stopped working again - - - so now he's down there making clinking, clanking, and rumbling noises - - - I HOPE those are helpful in bringing back the heat.

If you could see me, you just might giggle at me blogging with my hoodie jacket on and the hoodie UP over my head.


My snow gauges are MUCH HAPPIER with some snow to gauge.


Anke said...

I'll do you one better - we've had school delays because there was a "threat of winter weather". And yes, we live in Alabama... :-)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Keetha,
The kids went almost the whole day here! Only one hour early release.
We're tough Badger women and we just get used to driving in it.
However my car is stuck in our driveway as we speak.
Hugs friend,

nancygrayce said...

It's windy and stormy here and I just called the Superhero and asked if we should stay home from church tonight! :) I know exactly what the milk and bread thing means!

Tami said...

Bread and milk! Yep! There is always a big rush to get to the store for bread and milk!! Silly people!
I hope your heater is fixed. We don't want a frozen Keetha!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh hope your heat is back on!
We have a Aspen and no snow every stops us either. Yes I laugh here in St Louis about the milk and bread! Growing up in a small town 20 miles from a big town we did have to worry about milk and bread because if it was bad a truck would not come in for a week!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I laugh that everyone is going to make French toast on those snow days, given the rush for milk and bread. ha!

I am so jealous of all that snow you're getting. I'm still waiting for a significant snowfall here. We got a few flakes this afternoon, and I was giddy. Just wait until we get a real snowfall. ha!

Erin said...

Your snow is beautiful! I sure hope the heat is working again! Brrr!

Pam said...

Your streets and parking lot did not seem to show very many vehicles out and about; could it be that not everyone in Rapids rejoices in the winter weather?

Hope the furnace guy was successful the second time around because you certainly are in a deep freeze now!

Barb said...

"South Chicago does NOT count." lol!!

podso said...

Wow I can just get a feel of what it's like with the cold and snow just looking at your pictures. I do miss a good snow storm, but probably only one. Remembering that huge snow storm in Chicago--probably 1978 or 79 when we had to shovel the roofs the snow was so heavy. And intersections had snow piles over our heads.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

When I lived in New England I knew about driving in the snow. Now here in the South (and oh yes the bread and milk run is always funny) no one knows how to drive in it so it is life threatening!

Anonymous said...

You are so right! No comparison to MS snow! I don't even know what a snow shovel looks like. These are beautiful photographs!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Snow never kept me home when I lived in Illinois! It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Hoping you nice and toasty at home. Have a nice weekend.

Ann in the UP said...

I love your hearty pioneer take on winter weather. I am all about being warm and comfortable, preferably pain free.

We strive never to be short of bread or milk, whatever the weather.