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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Remembering Forgotten Children


In our daughter's city you can find this sign

Right in the front window of this building.

Forgotten Children Worldwide.

They are doing an amazing work.

I can vouch for them
Because our daughter Keri Baker
Spends hours volunteering with them.

You can find her name in their staff list.

One of their ministries is to collect
Donated clothes,
Items "cast aside" by those of us
Who really have no clue what it means
To go without.

These cast offs are sorted
And made ready to be shipped overseas
Where hunger, want, and need 
Are a daily way of life.

Items not suitable for shipping are regifted
Whenever possible.

Pallet after pallet full of boxes
Are shipped to areas of real need.

All of this is done by volunteers
And through the donations of 
Wealthy (in the world's eyes)
North Americans.
780 million people in this world
Don't have access to clean drinking water.

Forgotten Children Worldwide 
Is doing something about it.

They are paying for well drilling.

Each October they sponsor a 5 km walk/run
To raise money for clean drinking water
Around the world.

Participants in these walks can choose
To carry 5 gallon water jugs like these
To experience what
Do each day just to get water
For drinking and washing.

This is an actual water jug
From Uganda
Where people carry water
For miles and miles every day.

But that's not all Forgotten Children does.

Forgotten Children offers child sponsorships.
For just $25 a month you and your family
Can "adopt" a child in 
Africa or India.

Every penny of your money will go
To feed that child and send
Him or Her to school

Every penny.

That is because our daughter Keri,
And many other like her,
Are volunteering their time
Here in the United States
So that every penny you give
Can go to meet actual needs.

Forgotten Children also 
Works to provide microloans
To help families in third world countries
Begin self-sustaining businesses.

Forgotten Children also provides
The means for you to donate
Live chickens or goats or other
Livestock to feed and support
Third World families.

I don't even know all the things
That Forgotten Children is 
Doing to help a hurting world,
I only know my heart was
Touched and moved by what I saw
Of their operation.

Everywhere reminders of children.

Hungry children who lie down each night
With bellies rumbling for food.
Children whose "home" 
Is a corrugated iron shack
With a packed dirt floor.

Children whose beds
Are mats, towels, or less.

This I know
For I have seen it in person.

You too can remember these forgotten children.
You too can sponsor a child.
You too can help give clean drinking water
Or livestock.

Simply click here to see what you can do.

Then click over to Unknown Mami's
To see what's happening in OTHER cities.

Joining Unknown Mami
For Sundays in my City.

Today my city is Bluffton, Indiana



Tara R. said...

What a fabulous organization. Your daughter is making a difference in the world, and saving lives. Thank you for sharing their mission.

Ann in the UP said...

A great post! I am happy to see some pictures of their headquarters and see that they are working on so many different fronts.

I hope your post will open many of our eyes to the ways we can make a difference!


Unknown said...

A refreshment for the eyes! I liked this a lot. We need to wake up in North America to all that we have. And remember those who have little or none.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What an amazing organization!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I was just going to say what Linda said: What an amazing organization.
Love your daughters heart. I will head on over and check them out.

noexcuses said...

Thank you for sharing such an amazing organization! Kudos to your daughter for her unselfish acts of kindness!

Amanda said...

What a great program! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Vidya Sury said...

My country has an abundance of poverty. For my part, I support a girls' orphanage in my area. It has a hundred or so girls in it. Breaks my heart.

I always carry extra food when I step out to give to someone.

God bless your daughter Keri. And huge hugs to you. It takes a lot of compassion and love to feel others' needs.

Love you. Vidya

Claudya Martinez said...

Beautiful, sobering post.

Keri said...

I love you, Mom! Thank you for sharing FCW with your circle. :) Thank you, also, for YOUR sponsorship of a little Ugandan girl!!! Now you should join a team and go visit her! :)

Tami said...

Children who need help desperately always chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes. This world can be so cruel. Then there are angels like you and Keri who make the sun shine and give a child hope. Bless the both of you!!!

nancygrayce said...

This organization, on a much larger scale, is like the one we serve with as board Uganda! These organizations are changing parts of the world that would otherwise go unnoticed. We love our sponsored son, Frank.

Please sponsor if you can! Thanks Keetha! And thanks to your daughter!

Kay said...

This is fantastic! I am so proud of all the folks involved with this!! Yay for your daughter!!

Mrs4444 said...

It's easy to see why you are so proud of your daughter--She and her dear husband are wonderful.

I used to sponsor a child, but then I got letters from the organization giving me two different accounts of who my child's parents were, and that planted a big seed of mistrust in me. It would help if I knew for 100% certainty that my money really was going where I was intending it to.