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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gonna Frag Around the Clock Tonight - - -

OK, so I'll admit it right up front - - - my Frag title is false advertising.

I barely have enough frags this week to make a respectable appearance, much less frag around the clock.

BUT - - - catchy titles are hard to come by.
* * * * * * * * * * * *  
I have been very pleasantly surprised and pleased about the colorful Autumn we've had.  After a summer of severe drought I thought we'd only have rusts and browns.

This particular tree fascinated me because it turned fire red-orange in sections with summer green in between.

Most of our gorgeous leaves are now crunching underfoot - - - but I enjoyed the splendour (British spelling on purpose) thoroughly.

Don't you think splendour is way better than splendor???  Splendor is just mundane compared to splendour. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * 
Meet Dane.   He is a little cousin of mine who is quite the character.

Sunday after church he came up and hovered beside me announcing that he was going with me for the afternoon 'cause he was bored at home.

That must be SOME KIND OF boring to prefer the company of an "older than dirt fossil" like me, but there you have it.

I took him to Lunch.
Our friends Bill and Eloise also joined us.

Then Dane laid on the love seat and played "Angry Birds", "Ant Smasher", and "Bad Piggies" on my Galaxy Tab.

I am nothing if not the cure for boredom.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
BIL Joe and Sister Pam did some exploring in the Everglades last Saturday.  Sister Pam must be taking the picture so you can't see her in it.

I'm just surprised that BIL Joe didn't wear his HIGH HEELS for the occasion.

No need to get all defensive for him about the high heels remark, he knows why I said it and he has richly earned it by telling me "My Boys" play football in their girly shoes.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
 I'm proud of these two - - - daughter Keri and her hubby Jason.

Uh, I'm pretty sure you can SEE that Jason is a policeman.  Well he was recently presented with the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” Award.

Seriously - - - he got the award out of all the officers in Indiana!!!

Jason, I am soooooo proud of you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 
This is my friend, from way back in childhood friend, Mary who has a home cleaning business.


Has a home cleaning business.

I have a home.

A Home which DESPERATELY needs to be cleaned.

Match made in Heaven!!!  Oh yes I DID hire her to come in and clean every two weeks.

Today while she was cleaning I began hearing music, a catchy little tune, coming from somewhere on the dining room table.

"There's music coming from my dining room table!"  Says I.

"Oh yah," says Mary's daughter Sarah who helps with the cleaning, "I have a little piano man in my purse."

"You do???"  queried I.  "You have a piano man in your purse???"

(Yes mes amies, I thought a piano man was some kind of little electronic gadget or other.) 

"Yep," says Sarah, "A piano man!"   and she pulls out her cell phone.

Fisherhubby, sitting on the couch watching his fishing shows of course, LOVED that.  Sarah caught me in my gullibleness without even trying!

What can I say?  You KNOW who you're dealing with over here, right???
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Well friends and bloggy fans, I surely do wish I had ten or fifteen funny tales to weave here at the end of my fraggy post.

Alack and Alas, I'm fresh out of excitement in my life so you'll have to settle for ho hum mundane.

Maybe NEXT week I'll pull out all the stops.
* * * * * * * * * * * * 
Now please hurry over 
To Mrs. 4444's place
To see all the others
Who probably DID
Frag around the clock tonight.

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Erin said...

I think Dane has the right idea! Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need. And I'm sure you were fun! Congratulations to Jason! What a great honor!

Ann in the UP said...

Who needs to be entertaining when you have Angry Birds? The cure for boredom, for sure....

Pam said...

Umm...did you forget to include the picture of Jason and Keri or is it just my computer?

Pam said...

My title for Joe's picture is "Balding man between two Bald Cypresses".

Erin said...

That's great! A piano man in her purse...I mistakenly read "piano in her purse." I pictured a tiny baby grand!

Jeanie said...

Congrats to Jason....that is really quite an honor. I know he deserves all the pride you have in him.
I just came home to a clean house that I didn't have to clean myself....what a treat. I don't think they brought a "piano man" but they sometimes sing Honduran songs.

nancygrayce said...

That tree is glorious! You go getting all British on us :) you will never be accused of being mundane!

Sweet little cousin wanting to hang with you......

Proud with you for your son in law......I hate domestic violence and have seen it up close and very personal in my first marriage.

A friend cleaning your home.....I just turned green with jealousy.

42N said...

See you really do have a bunch of frags to share. Have a nice weekend. Penn State comes to town tomorrow night. Its been a 50/50 match for the past few years.

Tami said...

Splendour, colour. Love all the 'ou' way to spell.
And as far as not having enough to frag about… you sure did fill up my screen. LOL
I SO WISH I could have a cleaning lady! My sister has a cleaning business… but it's a matter of finances… not that I don't want my sister cleaning for me. :-)
Happy Weekend Dear Lady!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful tree and I do like splendour over splendor! Congratulations to Jason for his award. That's a big deal. Okay I need to find a match made in heaven for me! I am supposed to be cleaning right now. Obviously since I am here typing to you that isn't being done :)

LV said...

No apology needed after this post. Your family and friends keeps things exciting for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely picture of the fall tree in all of its splendour. I am in Louisiana, and our fall is rather green. It has no splendor at all.

Claudya Martinez said...

I love that Dane wanted to spend time with you. I also love that you believe in tiny piano men.

snswoods said...

My boys truly love you and Greg. It just happened :)

Sandy said...

Congrats to son-in-love, Jason....What a wonderful guy he is...your daughter is blessed, indeed...
Here are my choices for winners in football Sat.: Clemson, SC Gamecocks and WV Mountaineers.....
Not sure about the rest of the games, however...
Have a great weekend Keetha up there in Cheesehead land...
Love from NC

Theresa said...

I thought that was "frag-a-plenty"! Beautiful colors on your trees, ours are changing too:) A cleaning friend sounds like my kind of friend AND with a piano man... GREAT! Have a blessed weekend dear Keetha, HUGS!

Fantasy Gridiron said...

Thank you Mom and everyone else for the kind words!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I was out for a walk yesterday thinking I need to take my camera on my next walk. The fall colors are amazing.

Vidya Sury said...

Congratulations to Jason! That first photo is beautiful. As you know, we really don't have fall here as a season - in South India, in the state where I live, it is more like summer, winter and monsoon. At the end of winter there is a time when the trees are full of colorful flowers. They shed these around them, forming carpets of yellow, pink, etc. and it looks beautiful. When I lived in Tamil Nadu it was summer, summer, summer and summer with a suggestion of monsoons - always hot and sweaty.

Your Friday frag is as beautiful as ever. Hugs, Vidya

Jenny said...

Dane is adorable!

And your family is lovely.

And I'm still smiling over 'fragging around the clock'!

cute post!