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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sister Pam Goes to Peru


My Sister Pam and her Hubby Joe are in Peru on a missions trip working with the "Kids Around the World" organization.

I have not heard hide nor hair from them since they've been there, but I am getting a trip update e-mail letter. From that e-mail I found their trip photo album, which I have pilfered to bring you this report.

The information in this report is totally fabricated by me guessing at what I see in the pictures.

It may or may not be factual. ;-)

I assume this is at least PART of the group of volunteers with whom Pam and Joe are partnering.

It would appear that at least SOME of the time they are traveling around in this van - - - at least I recognize Joe in the front passenger seat.

I'm just surprised Joe isn't hanging out the window making a face to match the one on the guy in the sliding door.

I don't think they get to do all their traveling in this van however. I believe some walking in torrential downpours through ankle deep mud and piling in long, narrow, wooden canoes has also been experienced.

I believe this is "home" while they are there.

Not too shabby!

I'm in LOVE with this ceiling and I WISH we could see the views out of those windows.

Sleeping quarters.

This soooooo reminds me of our bedrooms when I was in Costa Rica a year and a half ago.

I WANT this dining area, don't you???

The food looks yummy too.

I hope Joe Joe is behaving himself and NOT throwing little wads of napkins and things at his fellow diners.

I know from experience he is want to do so. No, not behave - - - throw wads of things at his fellow diners.

Preparing materials to make crafts with Peruvians.

I'm guessing these puppets were made and then used by team members.

Pam, puppets, and her new friend.

Joe and his alter ego.

Pam supervising a craft session.

Lots of happy faces showing off their new puppets.



Vivian said...

I LOVE the Peruvian culture! And their food is the BEST. I just had the best "aji de gallina" in Puerto Rico (out of all places). Check out that post in my blog. One of the friends I went with is from Peru.

Claudya Martinez said...

The place where they are maybe staying and at least eating is beautiful.

Tamar SB said...

What a wonderful thing for them to do! I've heard Peru is so scenic and amazing to see!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want a place like that to stay in. I think it's awesome they are having this experience together. Memories for sure. When do we go?

42N said...

I like your new blog header - very late summer-ish.

j said...

It looks like such a fun trip! I hope you are having a great week!

Lynn said...

Ah. The GOOD sister. (Hahahahahaha)
Sorry, I just couldn't help myself! The place they may ve staying in and the car they may be driving about in look nice. The beds they may be sleeping in look like torture.

Ann in the UP said...

Is that the field of sunflowers we passed on our yarn search? They look mighty familiar to me. LOL

Unknown said...

The dining room appears to have a paddle in it--is that why the house is on stilts? And when I think of Peru, I think of textiles and those cute little worry dolls and so it seems weird to me that they took crafts. And then I thought--of course they too crafts! There are kids that need crafts besides worry dolls and weaving! And puppets are adorable!

podso said...

Pretty good guesses there! I could spot your sister and I haven't even met you. Like your new header! Reminds me of one of my mission trips to Romania where in the country we would pass huge fields like that.

Holly said...

What an exciting trip! You're such a good sister for interpreting the pictures for us. I hope they reap a lot of fruit in Peru!

Keri said...

According to the email update, they taught the Peruvian leaders how to make the puppets so they can use them in the children's ministries. :)

tinajo said...

Such an experience that must be - very cool! :-)

nancygrayce said...

Your sister does look like you and what a wonderful thing for those kids!

Kristin - The Goat said...

What an adventure! I'm sure she's learning a bunch while also having fun.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Neat post Keetha!
Now where the heck are you?

Janet, said...

Looks like they are having a great time! I so love the house they 'might be' living in. The puppets are adorable. I saw your Saturday schedule at the top of the page, wish us luck Saturday!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Well girlfriend, I see you did not lose your love of a great foot~ball game over the summer.

Your sister's mission trip looks amazin'. I can only imagine the hearts she and Joe have touched and the stories she'll have to tell.

God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

Martin LaBar said...

Unfortunately, you aren't the first person to fabricate something for web distribution (and yours are probably about right).

42N said...

Where have you been? Probably watching the Badgers in your football cave.