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Thursday, November 13, 2008

These Boys THINK They're Funny

I'm the Sunday School Superintendent. That doesn't really mean I'm the Sunday School Principal - - - it's more like I'm the Sunday School record keeper. Hey, I enjoy tallying up numbers, counting money, and getting all those bills organized in a neat little "all heads going in the same direction" stack - - - so I'm HAPPY.

Part of my job every Sunday morning is collecting attendance sheets and offering envelopes from each class. Most of the time that means walking by in the hallway and picking up the paper work without seeing anyone.

Oh - - - but not so with THIS class!!!! These are the Senior High Boys. They keep my life interesting.

Their teacher gives them guidelines - - - - like they can't draw blood or destroy records - - - but beyond that, only their imaginations are the limit to what they do to my lovely little records each week.

Sometimes they hide their paperwork so I'll have to go on a "treasure hunt" to get it. Once they drew a stick figure diagram on their envelope of me hitting a deer. (Yes, I really did hit a deer - - - but still - - - - )

They've been known to wad the paper up, tear it up (OK - - - so that was a FAKE one, but it seemed real to me at the time) and even turn in a half eaten doughnut and a crushed cup with their offering.

One young man threw every pencil the class had at me one at a time week after week this summer. I'll just let you guess which young man THAT may have been.

This past Sunday they topped it all. Quite literally I might add.

When I got to their room - - - no paper work in the hall. Not unusual so I wasn't surprised. Their door was cracked open, so I motioned to one of them. He pointed behind the door.

As I pushed the door open farther to come in, just LOOK what fell right past my face to my feet!!!!

They had HOPED it would fall over my head and land on my shoulders!!!! That didn't quite happen, but they said the look on my face was priceless.

Oh they were proud.

Like I said - - - they THINK they're funny.


Jewel said...

Well I personally think it's hilarious!

And knowing some of those guys.. it doesn't surprise me at all!!

groovyoldlady said...

Boys! You gotta love 'em! (Glad it missed you!

Keetha Broyles said...

OK - - - it WAS funny, even I could see that.

I'm really glad it didn't hit me, I think it would have HURT!!!

grammy said...

That trick might have been covered under the "drawing blood" rule???? Ha!

Julie said...

But they look so innocent on those pictures you posted! LOL. You should walk in with a hard hat this Sunday!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Julie - - - THANKS FOR THE IDEA!!!! I just happen to have one in the garage, and that is EXACTLY what I'll do!!!!

Julie said...

Keetha- I want pictures tom.!!!

grammy said...

I want to hear the story of you hitting a deer. It still amazes me that guys will sit in a deer-stand for days & never see a deer...then the deer will dart across the road in front of an innocent driver!!!

Keri said...

Am I the only one wondering what you were doing with your camera while doing your SS Super duties?!?! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh - - - I didn't have my camera up there when the "incident" happened - - - but it was in my purse in my "office." I went BACK up for the pictures - - - the waste basket was still on the floor!!!

That first picture, where the one guy looks like a deer in the headlights - - - that was because they didn't know I was there ready to snap a picture until the flash.

Anonymous said...

That is just hilarious! Gotta love 'em... somehow! lol. There's nothing quite like a classroom full of high school boys. =0) I think that says a lot about you, you're obviously "cool" enough that they'd even want to play these tricks on you. Wear your torture (or trash can) proudly.

Keetha Broyles said...

Thanks, Running!!! I think they do love me a little bit.

Now if I could just figure out what they'll do to me next, I could PREPARE for it!!!!