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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Worst PT Nightmare - - -

I thought I'd enjoy my afternoon of conferences more if I took my family with me.

So I peeled their pictures off the wall by my classroom computer and arranged them "artistically" on the corners of my conference table.

I thought these happy smiling faces would ward off the anger any parent might feel toward me for flunking their darling little child.

I thought wrong. THIS parent, the first one of the afternoon I might add, got right in my face!!!! She had me shaking in my boots, even though I wasn't wearing any.

I tried to maintain my decorum - - - tried to force a tiny smile - - - - but she wasn't buying, it only seemed to enrage her more.

Whew, was I ever relieved when she went away to conduct her OWN conferences in the Kindergarten classroom.



Martin LaBar said...

You both looked pretty realistic in the first photo.

Keri said...

Oh my goodness!!! LOL!

When I saw your title and then a picture of me I was like "huh?? I know I've been a nightmare for her in my life but at PT conf??"


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh no - - - NOT YOU!!!