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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'd Rather Shake a Leg

I have too many throw rugs.

Oh, I have a good reason to have them.

We live in a duplex.
Said duplex is full of WHITE-ish carpet.
We do not OWN this duplex.
So, we are renting white-ish carpet.

I am determined to PROTECT
That white-ish carpet,
Especially since it isn't mine.

So I put rugs down to protect
The entryways,
The byways,
The crossways,
And ALL the ways.

My throw rugs are important.
They have a job to do.

Still and all,


Especially on the day
I have to shake them.

Like today.

I'm just sayin'



Unknown Mami said...

You are an extremely nice tenant.

Maple Lane said...

I would kill myself tripping on throw rugs!

LV said...

I do not have throw rugs but I do have bathroom rugs I shake often. I could never live with white or light carpet.

mub said...

Okay if you are dumb enough to put white carpet in a RENTAL then you may deserve to have destroyed carpets... haha. You guys are really good renters!

Ann in the UP said...

They are all right. You are a better tenant than they deserve--putting that light carpeting into a rental property wasn't wise.

And on rug shaking day, you have lots of work. Your rugs aren't trip-ups though. I'm very clumsy and I've never fallen in your house once!