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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wisconsin Rapids, WHO ARE YOU!?!

Somebody from my high school "era" has found my blog this week. I KNOW you've found me because my site meter shows blog hits from Wisconsin Rapids.

Oh PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know who you are!!!!

While we're on the subject of Wisconsin Rapids, let me talk about it just a bit. It gets its name from the fact that it's situated on one of the rapids in the Wisconsin River.

When I lived there, people who didn't know any better, used to try to tell me it was Rapids, Wisconsin. I guess they thought there were just too many Wisconsins in my address. But NOT - - - it IS Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

It's a paper mill town. You can SEE the mill in this photo, but oh that you could SMELL it too!!!!! I shan't give you a description of that aroma here.

Don't know which section of the rails this is - - - but what a pretty shot.

Lake Wazeecha. My sister and I used to drive out to this lake to swim in the summer. I thought I was going to drown there once - - - but I guess that' a story for another time.

Nepco Lake

(I got all these photos from City-Data.com)


Indian Lake Papa said...

We use to live just 2 miles from the Wisconsin river - i hated the paper mill up stream ! The fish tasted awful because of the mill run off - hope they have that cleaned up! I think I had mentioned we were about 15 miles north of the Dells. The river is beautiful though!

Keetha said...

???Where did you live???

Cousin Pam said...

Huh Keetha....Where are the rapids??

Keetha said...

I assume the rapids were usurped by the mill - - - not sure.

Toevs said...

I was here and now I am leaving evidence of my visit. :-)

Deb said...

Hi Keetha. I posted like I said I would. And I have commented here. Now I will wait for your comment on my post - I am anxious to hear your words of wisdom.

Indian Lake Papa said...

We lived north of Lyndon Station about 5 miles and east of Mauston just off hwy 82, just west of the river. we lived there June 1976 thru November 1980. Went to Lake Placid, NY from there.