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Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Table Talk - - -

The Lord has blessed us with so much love. Here are some of those we love who came to the memorial service at Burr Ridge, and with whom we shared table talk.

Bob and Janice

We first met Bob and Janice at camp in Indiana. Now they live in Ontario, Wisconsin and pastor the Mount Pisgah Wesleyan Church. We count them among the dearest of our friends.


Faith's dad, like ours, was a pastor here in Wisconsin. We grew up going to camps together every summer. Oh the memories.


Just beginning to show signs of the dreaded "Butcher" senior dementia


Who brought his dad and dealt with the "Butcher" senior dementia with grace and humor.


I promised I'd make him a blog star. Want his autograph, girls?


This man can PLAY the piano!!!!

Just so you know it really WAS table talk.


Phil and Kathy Troyer said...

Did Bob & Janice share any of the camp stories we all love so much????? They look great!

Keetha said...

LOL Kathy!!! They did NOT share those on THIS occasion - - - though we talk about them FREQUENTLY on other occasions.

Janice sang at the funeral here. She did a beautiful job.

Keri said...

Is that the new McKinley??

Keetha said...

No - - - I was mixed up. The "new" McKinley is actually a little older than your Mackinley.