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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Come to the Garden - - -

Here in this lovely garden spot - - -

On Burr Ridge near Hillsboro, Wisconsin,

Dad lovingly relinquished his years of caring for mom by personally placing the chest containing her ashes into the ground.

While many of us came to share with him in that moment - - - only he carried her ashes. He said he promised her fifty-six years ago that he would take care of her and that he intended to keep that promise to the end.



Jay and Tammy Tropf said...

WOW......I can't tell you how powerful that is!im

Phil and Kathy Troyer said...

I agree with Tammy - wow! Did your mother know what a gem she was getting when she married your father 56 years ago? What a legacy for their children and grandchildren plus friends and extended family.

Keetha said...

My dad is a living Saint - - - I do not say that glibly nor in jest. Since mom never had anything else to compare dad to, I'm not sure she ever did understand exactly what a gem she had.

Leigh said...

Commitment and touching. So sweet and strong their love even in death. So beautiful, Keetha!

Keetha said...

Thank you, Leigh

nancygrayce said...

Your dad is incredible! I love him and I don't even know him! Your mother was a woman well loved by her husband!

Keetha said...

Yes he is, NancyGrayce. Thank you!

Keri said...

Grandpa is so amazing. Looking at these pictures makes me very sad that I wasn't there.

Keetha said...

It would have been really nice if you could have been here. The service was very very similar to what we had at Marion though, so other than missing the people and the graveside, you really didn't miss much.

Martin LaBar said...

Splendid setting, great state.