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Sunday, September 7, 2008

You Might Be a Redneck If - - -

Your pick up looks like this,

And your driveway looks like this!!!


Gerson y Betsy said...

Hmmm. Are you calling your husband a redneck????? Gerson took one look at the fish and I think he's jealous again! He wishes OUR driveway could look like this!

grammy said...

SHOCK AND AWE...that grey thing laying at the bottom of the plaid sleeping bag looks like a fish!!!!

Yup...I think you captured another "redneck" scene!!!!

You're gettin gooooood!!!!!

Keetha said...

LOL Girls - - - this is Greg's truck LOADED down with decals (years ago he TOLD me to NEVER put any decals of ANY kind on ANY of our vehicles - - - my how times have changed!)

The "stuff" in the driveway is there drying out from the last fishing trip during which they were in pouring rain.

The gray think isn't a fish - - - not sure right now whast it is, maybe another pair of Greg's zippy pants.

Garnett and Gold rule!! said...

Well, at least the truck is the right color. ;)

grammy said...

Who is "garnett and gold rule"....we sure recognize those two words in the same sentence????

Char said...

Hey! Our driveway looks like that every time we come home from a camping trip! And we're not rednecks! ;^)

Gooooooo Noles said...

Come on Grammy......You should be able to figure out who I am!!

Keetha said...

Hmmmmm - - - if gooooooo noles and garnett and gold rules is the same person, I'm betting it's COUSIN PAM!!!

That driveway was post fishing trip, Char - - - and yah, I say if you let your driveway look like that for a day, you (and we too) are REDNECKS!!!!


Martin LaBar said...

That pickup is too clean.

Keetha said...

LOL!!!! Well, it isn't mud-packed if that's any consolation. But I wouldn't call it CLEAN either.

Cousin Pam said...

I confess...the author of the FSU color comments was me. Just couldn't resist. I'm not particularly a football fan but do follow my Noles! If you had written as many checks to FSU as I have you'd be a fan too!! My son has both his degrees from there, as does my DIL. Like you, Keetha, he teaches sciences at a local HS. truck is, if we put your truck and mine together we'd have a perfect pair!!! :) :)

Oh yeah, we won 69-0 Saturday!!

Keetha said...

I follow your Noles every season. The only reason I didn't mention them YET is because that football post was for upsets and near upsets - - - 69-0 isn't an upset nor a near upset - - - it's a CRUSHING!!!!


I look forward to the Bowden Bowl EVERY year.

Cousin Pam said...

BTW, how does Greg like his pick up tent? Rich and I have thought about one of those for our horse camping weekends. I have a 2500 Ram, Cummins diesel, extended cab, long bed. Does that make me a redneck??

Cousin Pam said...

Why are we up so early??

Keetha said...

Sometimes a Redneck is the BEST thing to be.

Greg LOVES that truck bed tent. Also, do you see that than "thing" on the far right side of the driveway? That is an air mattress made to fit around the wheel wells in the truck bed.

They slept in that get-up in POURING rain Thursday night - - - he said except for the "wet" they took in there ON their clothes, they stayed dry.

Keetha said...

LOL Cousin Pam - - - I don't know why YOU are up this early, but I'm up this early so I can blog a bit before getting ready to go to school.

Hey - - - if you haven't seen the new post I just added this morning, hit refresh on my blog page and read it.